The Best Ice Cream Shops for Those Who are Living in Istanbul

Ice cream is undoubtedly one of the desserts that come to mind when summer is mentioned. When the weather gets warmer, nothing beats the ice cream that is eaten at home, at the beach, or hanging out with friends. The happiness that ice cream gives, which is loved by almost everyone at any age, especially for those who spend hot summer days in Istanbul, is priceless!

It is possible to eat delicious desserts in Istanbul, from Roman ice cream to Maraş ice cream. So, which are the best ice cream shops in Istanbul? Let's have a look at the answer to this question together.


Traditional Ice Cream Shops in Istanbul

Traditional ice cream shops in almost every district are indispensable to those who are living in Istanbul. These businesses greet their guests with their amazing tastes that take them back to their childhood. In addition to the ice creams that are made from fresh fruits, you can taste all kinds of ice creams in these businesses, where there are classic flavors such as milk, dark chocolate, and caramel. You can witness how the places that have been serving for many years on the Anatolian and European Sides are frequent destinations for ice cream lovers with the ice cream varieties they prepare daily. You can try traditional flavors right away by visiting these businesses with your family or friends.


Roman Ice Cream Shops for a Gelato Experience Extending from Italy to Istanbul

Roman ice cream shops in Istanbul offer a special experience to ice cream enthusiasts. Roman ice cream shops are the favorite of many people with their wide selection of ice creams. Blending Italian and Turkish flavors, these businesses leave unforgettable traces on the palate with their handmade recipes. In addition to classic flavors such as dark chocolate, lemon and vanilla, special flavors belonging to each business are also on the counter. You can experience the gelato flavor of Italy, which is spread all over the world, by visiting Roman ice cream shops located in many districts of Istanbul.


Ice Cream Shops Full of Surprises for Those Seeking Different Tastes

If you are looking for a different flavor of ice cream, you can try the creative businesses in Istanbul. These businesses are quite famous for their ice cream desserts as well as different ice cream varieties such as halva, poppy, popcorn and burnt ice cream.

In addition to businesses that offer different flavors, there are places that produce ice cream with organic methods. In addition, there are businesses that draw attention with their special products for vegan consumers among the ice cream shops in Istanbul. You can have a special ice cream experience by visiting the ones that interest you from such businesses serving on the Anatolian and European Sides.


Ice Cream Shops That Will Make You Enjoy the City View

Istanbul is one of the most interesting cities with its unique scenery. Well, who can say "No" to sit across the Bosporus and eat scrumptious ice cream? For this very reason, ice cream shops serving Istanbul with unique views are among the places that attract a lot of attention from ice cream lovers.

You can both eat scrumptious ice creams and enjoy the perfect ambiance at these businesses located in many parts of the city. On hot summer evenings, you can visit these businesses with your loved ones and watch the legendary beauty of Istanbul.


Enjoy the Summer Months with Ice Cream Days at Coffee Company

Providing service within Elite World Hotels & Resorts, Coffee Company invites you to the Ice Cream Days event on hot summer days! The venue, inspired by classic Italian cafes, welcomes its guests with its friendly staff and offers delicious desserts and drinks.

Coffee Company is the savior of hot days thanks to the delicious ice creams produced by its award-winning chefs. You can find many different flavors from fruit ice creams to milk ice creams at Coffee Company branches and you can have a refreshing experience on hot summer days. In addition to a variety of ice creams, you can taste hot or iced coffees, fresh fruit juices, cakes, and custom-made chocolates.

Coffee Company branches located in Taksim, Küçükyalı, Basın Ekspres Yolu and Florya in İstanbul invite you to a special experience accompanied by a fascinating city view. You can visit Coffee Company and enjoy the Ice Cream Days event with your loved ones. You can contact Elite World Hotels & Resorts for more detailed information about the event.


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