Problems experienced during meetings affect your performance. Therefore, getting to the root of the problems and providing solutions is important for successful meetings. With successful teamwork and healthy communication, you can get rid of the stress created by the feeling of standing still. Let's take a look at the five main problems most frequently encountered in meetings and their solutions.


Not Setting an Agenda

Do you feel that your meetings are in a vicious cycle, with many ideas floating in the air but getting nowhere? Don't worry, many employers and project managers experience this from time to time. Failure to set a clear agenda in your meetings results in endless brainstorms and a cluttered meeting flow. If a meeting goal is not set, you will not be able to work towards your goal. Moving forward with an agenda is important for your monthly or even daily performance.

Solution: If you don't create a meeting agenda, you're not giving your teammates time to think or prepare. Sitting by your teammates unaware of the agenda and goals to be discussed in the meeting also spoils the seriousness of the meeting. Before the meeting, you can prepare a brief about the meeting via e-mail. Thus, other employees who see that you are making an effort will soon start rolling up their sleeves. You can explain the purpose of your meeting to your teammates in a short, clear, and effective way at the beginning of the meeting. If you constructively express the aspects of your teammates that you find open to improvement, you can see the effect of this in a short time. In order to make your teammates feel like part of your team, you can allow them to take part, and you can exchange ideas by forming a think tank while planning the meeting.


Attending The Meetings Late

Toplantılara Geç Katılmak

Meeting participants' attendance later than the specified time both delays the start of the meeting and disrupts the meeting flow. If the person who is late for the meeting is the manager, it will set a bad precedent as well as disrespect their teammates.

Solution: You can ask your team to focus on punctuality. When you are open to your demands and treat everyone equally, you will create group consciousness. Your employees will try not to be late for meetings when they understand what their responsibilities are.


Failure to Provide Moderation

Although it is expected that a different voice will come out of each head when an idea is put forward, sometimes things can get out of hand. While one segment expresses its opinion on every issue, the other segment may be completely silent. Participants who stand out with their dominance can blunt your team's creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. In such cases, a support mechanism is required to successfully moderate.

Solution: You can get help with moderation in order to manage your meetings more effectively, to give everyone an equal voice, and not to feel a hierarchy. You can give an opportunity to your willing employees to be moderators. Thus, you can have the chance to observe your teammates. In addition, at the very beginning of the meeting, you can set meeting rules that will improve the meeting flow and ask everyone to act according to these rules.

As for attendees, you can encourage them with empowering phrases by collaborating with your moderator. You can say that you want your teammates to express their opinions by reminding them that they can join the conversation at any convenient time. You can make the participants feel ready by calling them by their names before they speak, and you can show that you have given your full attention when they speak.


Not Managing Time Well Enough


Zamanı Yeterince İyi Yönetememek


Everyone complains that meetings take hours. People often see meetings as a waste of time. When you spend the first hour of the meeting giving a summary of the week or month, your employees lose focus for the rest of the meeting.


● Remember that time is valuable to everyone and start your meeting at the appointed time.

● Request your employees to explain the ideas that they deem worth sharing as concisely as possible.

● Make sure that everyone is given equal time to express their opinions and that no one's right to speak is usurped.

● Determine separate periods for each topic and be careful not to exceed these periods.

● Move important topics to the top of your meeting agenda.

● Filter the information you can transmit via mail and avoid including it in the meeting schedule.


Failing to Realize Meeting Outcomes

Whether a meeting was effective or not can be measured by the work done in the days following the meeting. The person who is assigned to follow the decisions, action plans, and solution strategies determined as the meeting output bears great responsibility for them. Fulfilling such a great responsibility becomes possible only when team members follow the units they are linked to.


● Select the people you assign by pinpointing. Make sure these people have a good understanding of the scope of duty and deadlines.

● Assign during the meeting to take notes and document subsequent processes.

● Forward the meeting outputs to all participants as soon as possible.

● Collaborate with your project managers and employees, follow the updates and be open to helping them.

● Reward your employees.


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