Tips for Successfully Managing Hybrid Meetings

The past few years have greatly affected the way companies work, with the impact of the pandemic. At the end of this process, many companies turned to the hybrid working system. Meetings held in the hybrid working system in many countries of the world continue to be held both face-to-face and online. At this point, successfully managing hybrid meetings plays an important role. There are some tips for managing meetings efficiently and successfully. Before we move on to these tips, let's answer this question briefly "What is a hybrid meeting?" 

What is a Hybrid Meeting? How is it done?

Hybrid meetings can be defined as mixed meetings where some employees participate physically and some employees remotely. Remote connections can be made in the form of audio or video conferences. Hybrid meetings offer the opportunity to go beyond physical boundaries and create a wide network of connections. Thus, you can meet with employees and customers in many different places at any time. Increasing interaction and efficiency in hybrid meetings that bring together both office and online remote employees play a very important role in terms of customer satisfaction, healthier business progress, and increasing income.

Tips That Will Bring Success in Hybrid Meetings

Issues such as evaluating the current situation, setting new targets, and informing the employees about the process constitute the main agenda of the meetings. You can follow these steps for hybrid meetings to be successful.

Set the rules: The most important element of successfully running hybrid meetings is to set the rules clearly. You can make your meetings more organized by setting a set of rules for employees who attend the meeting both from the office and remotely. By defining rules equally for all employees, you can eliminate confusion and prevent separation between office and remote workers. Thus, employees know that the rules are equal for everyone, and they can develop organizational commitment and work efficiently.

Set goals: Setting individual or team goals is one of the best ways to keep the office and remote workers on the job. By setting collective goals that will unite those working in the office and remotely, you can both increase the efficiency of the work and create a team spirit among the employees.

Don't make meetings too long: To manage hybrid meeting teams effectively, take care not to make meeting times too long. Because research shows that meetings held with video conferencing cause fatigue for many employees. For this reason, you can increase work efficiency by keeping meetings short in the hybrid working system.

Listen carefully to your employees: As a manager and leader, you need to listen to your employees. You can show that you care about your office and remote employees by sincerely listening to the problems experienced, the areas they need support, and the ideas that are enhanced for the business.

Create ergonomic meeting environments: The physical conditions of the employees directly affect work efficiency. You should produce ergonomic solutions for people working in the office and at home. Details such as providing your employees with office supplies such as monitors, ergonomic chairs, and desks or arranging a meeting room where they will not be distracted are among the factors that increase productivity.

Follow the technologies: To successfully manage hybrid meetings, you should follow the latest technological developments closely. You can increase the performance of employees by determining which technological equipment they need. In addition, by following new technological platforms, you can hold your meetings more quickly and comfortably.

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