When it comes to Valentine's Day, we all want to make this day memorable for our loved ones. Staying alone at home on the sweetest day of the year helps couples have fun and romantic times. There are many fun options to be made at home, from a romantic dinner to watching a movie under a blanket. We have listed the activities you can do on this lovely day alone with your partner and just for you to have a particular day. Here are the actions you can do at home to live an unforgettable day full of romance.


Make a Romantic Start to the Day with Breakfast in Bed

Yatakta Kahvaltı ile Güne Romantik Bir Başlangıç Yapın

Prepare a breakfast of foods you love. Take care to prepare breakfast items that will make your partner and you happy. In addition, decoratively arranging the bed tray will make both you and your partner smile. For this, you can place your fresh flower or small polaroid photos on the tray. You can also make the ambiance more intimate with a music list of your favorite songs.


Enjoy Romantic Moments in the Bathroom

The best thing to do after a long breakfast in bed is to enjoy a relaxing bath. Fill the tub with warm water and drip a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the tub. You can fill the tub with red rose petals or add a bath bomb as you wish. You can enjoy romantic moments with candles, music and maybe a glass of champagne.


Paint Together

Whether you are skilled in painting or not, painting with your partner helps you have fun. Choose a picture that is easy to draw and fun. This picture can be a photo of your pet or an illustration you choose together. Set a time and start painting. Try not to look at each other's remembrance until it's entirely over. When the time is up, compare the pictures you made to determine who does the best.


Make a Cake Symbolizing Your Love

The heart-shaped cake is a must for Valentine's Day, so to speak. Strawberry, chocolate, or banana... Let a delicious cake make your day sweeter on this special day. You can make a heart-shaped velvet cake, decorate your cake with red fruits or write about your love on the cake. While preparing the cake with your hand in the kitchen, you will forget all the troubles and have a pleasant time.


Experience Nostalgia

Nostalji Yaşayın

Remember that all the memories you have, good or bad, are precious. Your gifts, the letters you have collected, all the event tickets and photos you have kept... You can travel back to the past by looking together once again at all these memories and photo albums of your relationship. By sharing the good memories you had at that time with each other, you can recall the value of time and every moment you lived. This sharing will both prevent your longing for the past and strengthen the bond between you.


Identify a Dance You Like and Take Action

Isn't it the right time to dance that dance you wanted to do before but could not find a chance? There are videos for almost every dance type on the internet that are instructive. By watching one of these videos, you can work with your partner step by step and apply the choreography shown at the end of the video. As you try to dance with your partner, immerse yourself in the music's rhythm and just enjoy the moment.


Prepare Dinner Together

Akşam Yemeğini Birlikte Hazırlayın

We've all heard that food is the way to the heart. So why not spend quality time preparing your Valentine's Day meal together? The time couples spend together in the kitchen allows them to get closer to each other.


Make Mulled Wine Together to Accompany Your Night

To make your cold winter night warmer, you can try making a warm and delicious wine with your loved one. You can prepare a special wine for you by adding spices and fruits according to your wishes. In the meantime, you have to free your imagination under the guidance of your taste buds. Thus, your unique hot wine will accompany you into the continuation of the night and will help the environment to warm up.


Write a Letter Telling Each Other Your Love

To make this special day with your partner memorable, you can write a letter to that day or the future. That could be a letter in which you describe your experiences that day or the intense feelings you felt towards your partner that day. By reading the letter to each other at the end of the day, you can thank your partner for this special day and tell her how much you love her. On the other hand, you can keep the letter and give it to your partner the same day after a year. Thus, you can have a happy moment by remembering what you experienced a year ago.


Run a Movie Marathon

film maratonu

End the day on the couch by running a movie marathon. Watch the movies you want to watch but can't watch one after the other. You can increase your emotional intensity by watching romantic, love, or comedy movies accompanied by mulled wine under the blanket. Remember, watching movies is a must on Valentine's Day!


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