Undoubtedly, all couples who are preparing for marriage want their wedding to be legendary. For an unforgettable wedding night, there are many important elements such as concept, venue, and outfit. Wedding lighting and lighting concepts are also important criteria for an elegant organization. Lighting and illuminations are at the forefront of the latest wedding decoration trends. There are many alternatives, from ceiling to wall, from tables to living room lighting. You can use these lighting ideas for both indoor and outdoor weddings. If you want to organize a fabulous wedding for the most important moment of your life, you are very lucky. We share with you stylish wedding lighting and lighting ideas that will create an unforgettable atmosphere…


Everywhere is Shining with LED Lighting

LED lighting offers a magnificent wedding atmosphere. LED lights hanging from the ceiling, give a nice outlook, especially at country weddings. Apart from that, you can create a perfect atmosphere by placing the lights on the trees or near the walls in the wedding venue.


Perfect Match of Tulle and LEDs

These lightings, designed using tulle and LED lights, add a romantic atmosphere to indoor organizations such as wedding halls and hotels. You can enchant all your guests with the ambiance created by tulle and LED lights.


A Romantic Concept Thanks to Hanging Light Bulbs

Dim lighting is indispensable, especially for outdoor weddings. If you are planning to have a poolside or country wedding, you can create dim lighting by using the bulbs hanging from above. Thus, you can create an impressive and romantic concept.


Different and Impressive Lighting: Lattice Lightings

If you want to use a stylish and different lighting concept at the wedding venue, lattice lighting is just for you! You can turn your wedding night into a feast with the lights in the form of lattices of different sizes that you can hang from the ceiling.


Wedding Tables are Much More Stylish Thanks to Branch Formed Lighting

Table lighting is frequently preferred, especially in indoor spaces. If you are planning a wedding organization indoors, you can use branch-shaped lighting with different designs.


Chandelier Lighting is a Must for Weddings

You can use chandelier lighting in many parts of the wedding venue. You can put the chandeliers indoors, on the tables, and you can choose the pendant models on the ceiling. In addition, pendant chandeliers have been used in outdoor weddings in recent years and it creates an ostentatious atmosphere.


Unique Lightings for a Bohemian Country Wedding

If the concept of your wedding is Bohemian, you can use lamps suitable for this. For this, dreamcatcher lights or lighting decorated with macrame figures give your wedding night a perfect outlook. You can perfectly complete the Bohemian wedding concept by using this lighting in different parts of the hall.


Make a Difference with Colorful Spotlights

You can draw attention to yourself by using spotlights at some special moments of your wedding. You can add a dazzling touch to the wedding venue thanks to the spotlight illuminations dominated by the colors suitable for your wedding concept.


A touch of nostalgia: Vintage Floor Lamps

If you want to add a nostalgic atmosphere to your wedding, you can choose vintage floor lamps. You can add a stylish and impressive look to the atmosphere of the environment by using the models suitable for the wedding concept and theme.


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