SPA Rituals to Cleanse Your Soul and Body

SPA is one of the amazing therapy and care methods made with abundant spring water, which has numerous benefits for our bodies. This care method, which is frequently preferred for health, provides mental relief, and almost pulls the person right out of the chaos of daily life! The history of SPA, which allows us to cleanse with its calming effect, dates to ancient times. The literal translation of SPA is health from water. There are multiple types and methods of gaining this health. Fragrance, massage techniques and saunas are just a few of them. If you like to pamper yourself and give your body a relaxing time, which is exhausting in the rush of daily life, let's have a look at the details of SPA rituals together.


1. Turkish Bath Ritual

One of the SPA rituals is the Turkish Bath. Have you ever wondered what a Turkish Bath is? It is defined as cleaning with water heated by a special system. You can do a deep body cleansing by scrubbing in the Turkish bath culture, which is one of the SPA rituals that has been preferred since ancient times, especially in Turkey and you can feel calmer afterwards. Scrubbing acts as a peeling, cleansing the skin from dead cells, and cleaning the pores. Have you ever wanted to be in a Turkish bath while you were reading? Leave the cleaning of the pouch to the experts called telak and natır and let yourself enjoy the moment. Don't forget to moisturize your body with essential oils by having a foam massage at the end!


2. Aromatherapy Ritual

There are two essential elements for aromatherapy. The first is oils, the second is herbs. In this ritual, the body is massaged by using special oils, thus relaxing the muscles, and providing physical relaxation. The blood flow in the body regains a healthy rhythm. In this way, you can feel sharper. Making use of herbs and essential oils can help you cleanse yourself spiritually!


3. Sauna Ritual

Sauna is a room where Finnish culture has spread all over the world, made from wood, where you can literally take a shower with hot air. If you like to relax your muscles and cleanse your skin from dead cells, you can choose the sauna. Since there is intense steam in this room, it will help to open the sinuses and open your pores and give your skin a natural glow. Don't forget to get skincare after getting out of the sauna!


4. Massage Ritual

Massage, which offers many medical benefits, relaxes the muscles, and helps to relieve tension. It accelerates blood circulation and thus helps you get rid of your cellulite locally. Massage application techniques, which have many types, vary according to the country. If you are tired of the classical massage style and want to experience a different SPA ritual, do not forget to try the hot stone massage therapy!


5. Skincare Ritual

One of the most enjoyable SPA rituals is skincare and massage. The skincare in which the skin is cleansed first and then applied for the skin type and needs, helps the skin to be cleansed from dead cells, to open the pores, to get the moisture your skin needs and to regain its radiance. If you like, you can top off this ritual with a skin massage after the skincare. The massage, which accelerates the blood flow in the skin, helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It also relaxes the facial muscles. When you want to pamper yourself, you can apply this ritual and glisten with your beauty.


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