Places Where You Can Have a Pleasant Time with Your Friends

Socializing is one of the activities that nourish the soul the most! Having new experiences with people we enjoy spending time with makes these activities much more valuable. Even though it is delightful enough to be altogether with the people you love, going somewhere other than the places you always go, getting out of the routine and experiencing new adventures can provide both you and your friends with a better-quality time. In this article, we have listed the places where you can boost up your energy and have an amazing time with your friends.


Fun-filled Board Games Themed Cafes for Bigger Groups

Playing board games is one of the exciting and enjoyable ways to spend time for all ages. Furthermore, there are game types that focus on many different topics such as strategy development, imitation and speaking. Among these different types of games, you can evaluate the options that will appeal to you the most and your group of friends. You can have an entertaining event full of laughter by holding such meetings at cafes where many board games are included. Furthermore, these cafes will make you forget the stress of school and work and sometimes they even have live events.


Timeless Karaoke Bars

Karaoke culture might be one of the most preferred entertainment methods for the last twenty years, especially for those who are interested in music. It is such a fun event that there is almost no one left who does not know and experience this event! If you haven't tried it yet, you can make it even more enjoyable by going to an old-fashioned karaoke bar to be included in this culture. If you still haven't made plans for the weekend, karaoke will be a perfect option. Choose an alcoholic or non-alcoholic venue and have a memorable night full of laughter with your loved ones thanks to karaoke!


A Cultural Journey in Museums

Museums are one of the places that contribute to the cultural accumulation of people. Especially if you live in Istanbul, you are in luck. Since the museum repository of the city is extremely large, it is possible to find a museum that meets your interests and the interests of your friends, no matter where you are. When you visit with your group of friends to a museum with beautiful architectural structures and a historical story, you can pay attention to more details rather than visiting individually and you can have an enjoyable and unique friend activity. Do not just limit yourself to the cultural activity of the museum and visit all the historical places that are unique to your city. You can also take your tour with an art history expert or a guide.


Ceramic Workshops

Handicraft has always been one of the preferred methods to experience mental calmness. It is possible to do many different events with workshops where you can take a few hours to yourself on the weekends and make something out of ceramic clay. These events are usually held in ceramic workshops. In addition to being an entertaining activity, there are also very aesthetic products in these workshops. You can also have a look at the handicraft workshops, which are also perfect for photographing. When you do this enjoyable and productive activity with your friends, the gratification you will get from the activity will increase significantly. Furthermore, at the end of the work, you can give your products to each other. In addition to the ceramic workshop, it is also possible to find workshops where many different activities are held. You can choose the workshops that are most suitable for you and your friends.


A Delightful Evening with Scrumptious Cocktails: One Bar

After a busy day or after work, sitting in a delightful bar with your friends, chatting and chilling are among the most enjoyable activities. If you are looking for a place where you can hold such an event and spend your evening in a delightful atmosphere, you can choose One Bar, which you can find in the different locations of Elite World Hotels & Resorts. With its comfy and stylish design, cocktails that are specially made for you, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and scrumptious snacks, One Bar is one of the most entertaining places to end the day in a delightful way.


If you accommodate in Istanbul, you can spend happy hours with your friends in the delightful atmosphere of Elite World Grand İstanbul Basın Ekspres or Elite World İstanbul Florya One Bar. One Bar also offers you an environment where you feel like you are in a movie with its dim atmosphere and bohemian architecture. If you prefer, you can visit the delightful atmosphere of One Bar at Marmaris, Van, or Sapanca.


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