We all find ourselves in difficult situations from time to time in life. Crisis such as the death of a loved one, an accident or illness, a difficult period in our relationship, financial difficulties, or the loss of an important customer can have a profound effect on our lives. So much so that even though we know that such situations may happen to us one day, it is not possible for us to be prepared, and it becomes difficult to keep both our private and business lives in balance in this process. The best way to overcome a possible crisis in terms of ourselves and our career is to be able to manage crisis effectively. Here are some treasured suggestions that will prevent your business life from being negatively affected in case of a possible crisis!


Share the Situation with Your Manager and Colleagues and Plan It Together

Durumu Yöneticinizle ve İş Arkadaşlarınızla Paylaşıp Birlikte Plan Yapın

Although it is sometimes interpreted as professionalism, not sharing it with anyone when you have a serious crisis and trying to maintain the same performance at work when such a situation occurs, it may be inevitable that the emotions you feel will affect your routine at work. So much so that even if you do not tell anyone, it can be felt by both your manager and the many people you are in contact with, in the business environment that something is not right somewhere.

After you get through the process of accepting the event, you should first share the situation with your manager and colleagues. Thus, until you overcome this crisis, you can draw a common schedule on how you will follow the processes at work, how you will share your daily workload, and how you will manage the crisis. By sharing the situation transparently instead of keeping it to yourself, you can overcome the crisis more easily and reduce the pressure of perfection. At the same time, you can prevent the daily processes of your department from being negatively affected by this situation.


See Your Work as a Safe and Stable Space When Your Life Gets Complicated

Sometimes the crisis you experience can upset the balance of your life. You may have to sacrifice your daily habits and lifestyle. In such cases, your work can become the only calm area that is not affected by this chaos, and it can be a tool to meet your need for order and stability in your life. You can even focus your attention and energy on your work to breathe from the reality and turmoil of the crisis. You can distract yourself with your routine work and projects in your working life.


If You Absolutely Can't Allocate Time and Energy to Work, Try Taking Some Time Off from Work

Sometimes you may experience situations where you find it difficult to even get the energy to get out of bed in the morning, let alone your daily responsibilities at work. The crisis you are in may be consuming all your time and energy. In such cases, you can try to take time off from work in order to protect your own physical and mental health, instead of feeling bad for not being able to show the performance you want in the work environment. Since personal crisis are situations that everyone must face, your company and business environment can also understand this request. Thus, you can resolve the crisis situation in your life a little bit and return to your work with higher energy and motivation.


Get Psychological Support from a Specialist if You Feel Like You Need It

Some of the events you experience may affect you deeply; you may not know how to get out of the situation, and you may find it difficult to find solutions on your own. When you feel that the crisis is affecting your mental state negatively, it may be the right choice to seek support from a specialist. A psychiatrist or psychologist can help you get through this process more easily and reduce the impact of the crisis on your working life. Today, when the importance of mental health is better understood, some companies can offer solutions that allow employees to receive psychological support when they need it. Therefore, you can first find out if your company provides such an opportunity.


Make Time for Activities That Will Help You To Manage Your Intense Emotions

Hissettiğiniz Yoğun Duygularınızı Yönetmenize Yardımcı Olacak Aktivitelere Vakit Ayırın

Emotional intensity is among the biggest effects of the crisis. In the face of a crisis, you may find yourself not knowing how to manage or express heavy emotions such as sadness, anger, and regret. When the stress in the routine of the job is added to this, it may become inevitable for you to give emotional outbursts and big reactions to small events. In order for your emotions not to negatively affect your decisions and behaviors at work, you can spare time for activities that will ease your emotions and relax you, such as working out, writing, meditating, or spending time with your friends.


Be Kind to Yourself and Take Time to Get Over Your Situation

As every individual is different, everyone's reaction to crisis situations and the way they handle these situations may also differ. For example, a colleague who has experienced a similar situation with you may soon continue to work while maintaining the same performance, and you may not be able to see that power in yourself. In such cases, it may be good for you to prioritize your needs and treat yourself with compassion, without comparing yourself to other people. When you create the necessary environment to feel better without putting pressure on you, you can see the positive effects of this in your business life as well as in all areas of your life.


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