How to Prepare an Engagement Bundle? Things That Should Be in Your Engagement Bundle

The engagement ceremony is one of the most important steps towards marriage. This ceremony, where couples announce their marriage decisions by sharing them with their loved ones, where engagement rings are worn and engagement bundles are presented, is among our important traditions that have continued from past to present. Although the time when the bundles are given varies from region to region, they are usually given at the engagement ceremony. Even though the contents of the bundles vary depending on the region, they are basically quite similar. So, how to prepare an engagement bundle and what is in the bundle? Let's examine this exciting process in detail.


What Should Be Taken into Consideration When Preparing an Engagement Bundle?

To prepare a complete engagement bundle, you can pay attention to the following points:

  • Before preparing an engagement bundle, you can make a list of the things that need to be included in the bundle. This list will help you plan and prepare a completed engagement bundle.
  • You can add things to the list that will meet the primary needs of the bride and groom as they enter their new life as a married couple.
  • In addition to the needs, you can also prioritize the couple's tastes and likes while shopping. You can go shopping together to purchase products that the couple will enjoy for many years.
  • You can make sure that the products that are purchased are high quality and useful so that they can be used without facing any problems for a long time.
  • Although it is called an engagement bundle, you can also put the received gifts in chests, boxes, suitcases, or baskets in addition to bundles.

How the engagement bundle looks are as important as the products it contains. You can decorate the bundle, chest, basket, or box you choose to place the products in. For this, you can get help from tulle, ribbons, and artificial flowers. If you wish, you can also choose products that are sold as pre-made decorations.

Things That Should Be in Your Engagement Bundle 

After mentioning the things to consider when preparing the engagement bundle, let's talk about what should be included in the bundle:



Both the bride and groom's bundles must include underwear sets. The underwear purchased for the bride is generally chosen in light tones that are suitable for the concept, such as white, ecru, powder and beige. However, you can also add different colored suits that the bride likes to the bundle. You can choose between seamless, lacy, thin, and high-quality materials.

You can choose the underwear to be put in the groom's bundle according to the color and model of the groom's suit, or you can purchase it according to the groom's taste. You can add underwear to the bundle that is softly stitched, made of material that does not harm the skin and is comfortable for the groom.

Nightgown and Pajama Set

Nightgown models made of satin, lace, or silk fabric are one of indispensable parts of the bridal bundle. Nightgown sets generally include summer and winter models and dressing gowns. Although light tones are preferred when choosing a nightgown, you can also add different models that the bride likes to the bundle. When making your choice, you can consider the quality of the product, the bride-to-be's liking, and the models she will be comfortable with.

When choosing pajamas for the groom, you should prioritize his taste. While pajama sets can be sold individually, there are also sets that combine summer and winter models, as well as more comprehensive alternatives that include a bathrobe or dressing gown. You can choose from these options according to the groom's preference.


House Slippers

You may consider adding slippers to the engagement bundle that will suit the bride and groom's style and ensure their comfort at home. In these slippers, you can pay attention to the sole structure, foot size and whether the slippers are easy to clean and of good quality.

You can also add a satin, heeled, feathered and stone slipper model, available in different colors, to the bridal bundle.


Makeup, Shaving and Perfume Set

You can add a make-up set to the engagement bundle to be given to the bride. While making your choice, you can pay attention to the bride's skin type, skin color and the quality of the product that you will purchase. For the groom, you can purchase a shaver or shaving set that is of high quality. You can purchase a shaving set ready-made, or you can create it yourself with products such as shaving foam, razor, shaving cologne and aftershave lotion.

You can choose the perfume set according to the usage habits and tastes of the bride and groom. You can take into consideration the fragrances that they like and the characteristics they prefer in daily life, such as the permanence and intensity of the perfume.


Mirror and Comb Set

One of the products that you can add to the bridal bundle is the mirror and comb set. The set usually includes a retro-designed mirror with special embroidery and a comb with the same patterns. In addition, the set may also include a small, portable mirror and comb, as well as a jewelry box.

Some models come with a special bag, while others have a carrying case. In addition to handcrafted models, there are also mass-produced mirror and comb sets. When making your choice, you can consider both your budget and the bride's taste and choose a stylish and useful model among the alternatives.


Bathrobe Set

Bathrobe sets are indispensable parts of the bride and groom's bundles. These sets include a large bath towel, hair towel and bathrobe. Models designed for brides may include lace embroidery. You can buy these products separately or choose options sold as a family set.

In addition to these products, you can add other products of your choice to the engagement bundle and make the couple happier on their special day. When preparing an engagement bundle, you can make the bride and groom feel even more special by making choices that suit their tastes and needs.


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