Flavors You Can Taste as A Gift During the Bairam Visit

With the approach of the bairam, a sweet excitement begins, and we get excited to visit all our loved ones, especially our elders. The bairam visit, which is made with care so there won't be anyone left out, is accompanied by the well-established tradition of "You can't visit empty-handed". Thus, we want to make our loved ones happy not only with our visit but also with the bairam flavors we will present. In case you feel this way, we have prepared a list of delicacies that you can purchase as a gift during your bairam visits. Let's examine them together!


Symbol of Turkish Cuisine: Baklava

When it comes to dessert, we all think of baklava first with its fresh scent and delicious taste that melts in your mouth, right? Baklava, which is loved and consumed by almost everyone, appeals to a wide audience with its options such as pistachio, walnut, almond, and hazelnut. Furthermore, in recent years, varieties such as chocolate and cold baklava have been added to their alternatives. You can choose from this wide variety to suit the tastes of your loved ones you will visit, and you can literally live the motto of "eat sweet, talk sweet".


A Taste That Leaves a Mark on the Palate: Chocolate

Chocolate obtained from the seeds of tropical cocoa trees is an ideal gift option for the holiday with its scrumptious varieties such as milk, hazelnut, pistachio, caramel, and dark chocolate. In a sense, you can choose this flavor, which is one of the symbols of the bairam, both to serve to your guests at home and to take it with you when visiting your loved ones. You can also make your loved ones happy with chocolate, which increases the serotonin level when consumed and gives a feeling of happiness.


A Classic for Many Years: Mixed Candy

Colorful and scrumptious candies are among the sweetest symbols of the holidays. With the arrival of the bairam, candies that are ready to be served in every shop and at home are among the first alternatives you can choose for your visits to your loved ones and relatives. Let's underline that mixed candies especially attract the attention of children thanks to their colorful appearance.


A Rememberable Beverage: Turkish Coffee

Although coffee does not sprout in our country, it gains a characteristic feature with the way it is roasted, the way it is made and its unmatched presentation. You can observe this beverage, which has been spread all over the world under the name of Turkish Coffee and turned into a brand, as a delicious gift for holiday visits.

It is quite obvious that the original taste, its abundant foam, and the fragrant aroma of Turkish coffee, which will accompany your longing visits and warm conversations with your loved ones, will leave a distinctive mark during the holidays.


Feast of Flavors at Coffee Company

Coffee Company, which is part of Elite World Hotels & Resorts, hosts fragrant coffees and scrumptious tastes. In Coffee Company, which is literally a flavor stop, you can find the flavor you desire for both your loved ones and yourself and you can top off the holiday with the flavors that will make a place on your palate.

When you look at the delicious menu of Coffee Company, you can observe that the hot coffee and iced coffee options are specific to our country and to the world. If you would like to bring these flavors to your home or to your guests, it is possible to purchase these tasty coffees that are prepared from the Coffee Company's special blend of coffee beans. If you desire to increase the pleasure you get from coffee, you can also choose desserts to accompany your coffee. Muffins, carrot cake, cake varieties, cheesecake, tiramisu, brownie, cookies, and ice cream are just some of them. But the most favorite option, of course, is the scrumptious chocolates decorating the Coffee Company shelves… You have to try it!

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