The wedding day is one of the most important and exciting moments of their lives for any couple who loves each other. On this day, which steps into a lifetime of happiness, everyone wants everything to be perfect down to the smallest detail. Couples stepping into marriage; dream of a pleasant, flamboyant, and legendary wedding day. Of course, wedding cakes are one of the heroes of this special day, every detail of which is considered to the finest detail. Wedding cakes, which are indispensable for weddings, offer you many alternatives with their stylish designs. For this reason, choosing the most suitable cake for your wedding concept, style and taste plays an extremely important role for both you and your guests. Starting from here, we are leaving you with the recent seven elegant wedding cake designs.


1. A Design That Is Combining A Portion and Single Layer Cakes

We start the wedding cake models with a different and impressive design. This cake model actually consists of four to five layers, but only the top layer is in the form of a classic cake. The bottom layers of the cake are designed by placing portioned cakes. If you are planning a nostalgic (vintage) wedding concept, this cake offers you an elegant alternative with its distinctive design.


2. Wedding Cakes That are Specially Prepared for The Name

If you are dreaming of an elegant and stylish cake special for your name, you can choose designs specially prepared for your name. You can present these cakes by decorating them with the kinds of flowers you want. Thus, you can enrich your wedding concept with special details.


3. Reach the Heights of Romance

Next up is a romantic design ranging from white to magenta! This special design takes couples on a romantic journey to carry their love to eternity. The design, which offers a very flamboyant appearance with its layered structure, suits your wedding day with large and small flower details. The multiple flower figure at the top of the cake adds a romantic atmosphere to your wedding day.


4. Impressive Design Accompanied by Colorful Roses

Accompanied by colorful roses, this design amazes those who see it. Equipped with edible roses, the cake perfectly tops your wedding day with its stylish design. The cake, which is presented on a high platform, wins the admiration of everyone who sees it with its design that suits the elegance of the wedding day.


5. Naturalness Accompanied by Gypsy Flowers

We continue our list with a very stylish design for couples who love simplicity and naturalness. The cake, covered with white cream, is displayed on a log platform in accordance with its design. The gypsy flowers that have been decorated on the design of the cake, adds a bohemian air.  If you are thinking of a rustic wedding concept, you can prefer this cake.


6. Gorgeous Harmony of Roses and Leaves

This cake design, accompanied by roses and leaves, will be the choice of romantic couples! Designed in three to four tiers, the cake appeals to couples who live their love like the first day with rose and green leaf details in different forms. If you want to turn your wedding night into a magnificent feast and show your love to everyone, you can choose this cake.


7. For a Charming Wedding Atmosphere: Macaron Cakes

There is a special design that will surprise those who see it in line and fascinate everyone. This magnificent cake, designed using macarons, will turn your wedding night into an unforgettable memory with its appearance and taste. You can enchant all your guests by choosing this design that will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale land. You can choose macaroon cakes in a salon or a rustic wedding.


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