As the summer vacation comes to an end, many families are surrounded by the excitement and rush of the new season. Of course, the same fuss applies to children. At this point, it is a very important issue for children who are preparing for a new education period to end the holiday in a good way. Fun and developing activities allow children to end their summer holidays in a pleasant way. When you accompany these activities, children's enjoyment is multiplied, so that the little ones can accumulate fun memories. So, what are the activities you can do with your children before the school bell rings? Let's take a look at the activities that both your child and you can enjoy together.


1. Take Nature Walks with Your Child

It goes without saying how relaxing nature is. During the hiking, you can have informative conversations with your child about the plant species you see and the animals living in the forest, so that your child can get to know and love nature.


2. Organize Theater or Cinema Days

Artistic activities are very important for the development of children. The theater is also a good option for children to get to know the art world. For this reason, you can go to plays that are suitable for your child's age group. Cinema can also be an enjoyable activity for children. You can have fun watching movies that appeal to your child's age. By drawing attention to the positive messages given in these artistic activities, you can find out what your child thinks about these issues.


3. Organize a Family Game Night

Everyone loves group games, but kids love them! There are many group games that you can play as a family. You can save pleasant memories by choosing charades, categories games, and board games. Group games teach kids about cooperation, sharing, and more. Therefore, with group games, you can have a very enjoyable and entertaining evening as a family.


4. Redecorate Your Child’s Room with Them

As the new semester approaches, putting some issues in order can prepare your child for school. At this point, it can be quite fun to organize your child's room by taking into account their wishes. In this way, your child both learns to take responsibility and spends pleasant time with you.


5. Plan a Little Vacation for Your Child at Elite World Grand Sapanca Before School Starts

Your child may need a nice vacation before the new semester starts. Elite World Grand Sapanca, located on the shore of Sapanca Lake, can be the perfect choice for both you and your child. While staying at the hotel, which is located in the lap of nature, you can take nature walks and then have a massage at Fit Life SPA & Wellness within the hotel to relieve your tiredness. You can taste international cuisine at the restaurants and complete the day in your luxurious and comfortable room.

You can book Gymboree activities organized at the Kids Club for your child to enjoy. There are workshops in Kids Club where different activities such as cloth bag painting, jewelry design, ceramic making, printing work, marbling drawing, and musical instrument making are organized. In addition to sensory play options that will support the development of children aged 1-3, there are also alternatives that will provide enjoyable and instructive hobbies for the 4-12 age group. Apart from all these workshops, the Kids Club also organizes game activities where children can be in touch with nature.

You can organize a small holiday in Elite World Grand Sapanca before school starts so that your children can acquire new hobbies and have fun while on vacation. For detailed information and to make a reservation, you can visit the hotel's website.


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