Activity Suggestions for a Fun and Full Semester Break

After a challenging education period full of classes and exam marathons, children want to get away from the business and tiredness of the whole semester during the semester break. The way to do this is to direct children to fun and educational activities during the 15-day holiday. Participating in activities that will enable children to spend quality and productive time on vacation is of great importance for the development of social, artistic, and cognitive skills. So, what are the activities that children can do while having fun during the semester break? Here are the best activity suggestions for kids…


Jewelry Design

Designing jewelry is one of the activities that contribute to the development of children's imagination and dexterity. Their creative thinking abilities are strengthened by the jewelry they make from colorful beads, stones, and ornaments. While making jewelry, they learn to focus better as they will give their full attention to their work.

There are many alternatives in jewelry design that will attract the attention of children. Some of them are jewelry made of polymer clay, jewelry made of natural stones, and knitted jewelry. After choosing one of these fun options, all that remains is to spend time pleasantly and productively.


Fabric Dyeing

While activities related to painting develop children's perception of color and shape, they also help to reveal their artistic personalities. In addition to painting works using watercolor, acrylic, and pastel, painting works applied to cloth bags and t-shirts with fabric paint play an important role in the development of children's artistic abilities.

The materials needed for the fabric painting activity, which is both educational and fun for children, include only a white cloth bag or T-shirt, fabric paints in various colors, and brushes. In this activity, children can paint by looking at a painting, they can also use floral prints and geometric patterns, or they can create very successful products with the designs they envision.


Playing Darts

Darts is a very suitable activity for children who like to play sports but do not like the tiring and competitive atmosphere of team sports. In addition to empowering the mind and giving strategic thinking ability, it also contributes to personal development in many areas, including discipline, goal setting, and focus.


Ceramics and Sculpture Making

Although ceramics and sculpture may seem challenging, they are among the most enjoyable and creative activities for children. In addition, it allows children to turn their dreams into reality with three-dimensional models. These arts, which encourage creativity and produce highly effective results, also help develop motor skills.


Origami Making

Origami, which means "the Japanese art of folding paper," helps children strengthen both their motor and critical thinking skills. Materials needed to practice this interesting art that is very easy to learn: pencil and colored paper. Origami allows children to have fun while encouraging them to engage in more artistic activities that involve manual dexterity.


Making Cake and Cookies

Cakes and cookies with cute animals and cartoon characters are made with colorful food colors and candies; While contributing to the development of children's culinary skills, it also nurtures their imaginations. Children not only have a pleasant time while making cakes and cookies but also become more productive. Because the products they create motivate them to be more productive.


Elite World Grand Sapanca Promises You A Fun Holiday With Gymboree - Kids Club

Elite World Grand Sapanca offers an unforgettable experience for children with its fun activities. The hotel, which has made special cooperation with Gymboree, which has been operating in Turkey for 17 years, provides children with an unforgettable holiday with fun activity programs thanks to the Gymboree - Kids Club.

Special play dough and sensory games for 1-3-year-olds, especially wooden and cloth bag painting, and jewelry design activities; With ceramic making and stone painting activities for 4-12 age groups, your children gain new skills while having fun. While families enjoy the peace and quiet at Elite World Grand Sapanca, children enjoy many games such as treasure hunting by spending time with nature.

In addition to these, children; Elite World Grand Sapanca Kids Club explores different worlds with activities such as musical instruments making, marbling making workshop, mask making, dart games, printing activities, origami, bird art, door decoration design, cake and cookie making. Moreover, they are literally living the holiday of their dreams with mini disco and popcorn & movie night.

You can contact Elite World Grand Sapanca for a safe and fun holiday that you will spend with your children in a charming atmosphere.


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