A Detailed Guide is Here for Those Looking for a Valentine's Day Gift!

Right before Valentine's Day, February 14th, couples become surrounded with sweet excitement. While various surprises and activities that you can do together are planned, couples are looking for gifts that will make each other happy. If you are looking for a gift that will blow your partner's mind and you haven't decided on the gift yet, check out our guide!


Remember the Best Moments of Your Relationship: Memory Frame

If you would like to purchase a meaningful gift for your partner, you can have a memory frame that is made of your pictures. Pictures that you can hang on a rope with pegs will have a decorative appearance in a wooden frame. You can take out the frames that contain your most special moments as polaroids and hang them on a rope to gift them to your partner as a wall accessory. If you desire, you can add beautiful and meaningful words from your special moments to the pictures and create a wonderful gift for your relationship.


May the Song of Your Love Always Be Around You: Voice Trace on a Canvas 

If you are looking for a creative and fascinating gift, this gift alternative is just for you! You can add any picture and QR code that you desire to your customized paintings. The QR code directs your partner to your favorite song or any other video of your choice. If you wish, you can also record a voice for your partner and have the QR code direct you to this voice recording. You can also add a picture of you and your partner to the canvas and make this gift unforgettable.


A Gift That Will Make Your Partner Smile: Pictures of You Two on Socks

If you would like to purchase a relatively fun gift for your partner, you can consider pictures of you two on socks. You can print each other's pictures and have your names written on these socks, which are more affordable than other gifts. Socks with heart patterns and various colors will surprise your partner, make them laugh and make them very happy.


Customize Your Moments Together: Tagged Drinking Glasses

If you would like to sip your favorite drinks in special glasses on Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and other special occasions, you can design customized glasses. You can gift whiskey glasses, wine, or champagne glasses with your name on them to your partner. This way, you can give your partner a functional and decorative gift rather than a meaningful one.


A Journey to the Day You Met: Illuminated Paintings

When you think of the most meaningful gift alternatives, you think of gifts that will take you right back to the day that you have met. You can write important developments of the day that you have met on the gift charts where you note the date that you two met. You can recreate the sky and the position of the stars on the day you met in an illuminated painting. You can design an unforgettable gift for your partner thanks to this illuminated painting on which you can also have your names written.


Always With You in Your Most Valuable Moments: Customized Wristwatches

If you are thinking of purchasing a wristwatch for your partner, you can consider customized wristwatches. If your partner enjoys wearing watches, then they will be very pleased with the wristwatches that you can purchase for each other or which you can choose the customized ones. Wristwatches, which can be customized with a name or with a printed picture, will decorate your loved one's wrist and make them remember you every time they look at the watch. This way, you can purchase your partner a gift that is both functional and stylish.


How About a Little Getaway with Your Significant Other?

One of the best gifts that you can give to your partner is time. You can have a little getaway with your partner on Valentine's Day to have plenty of time for each other. Make your reservation right away at a comfortable and stylish hotel where you can both have a vacation and spend time alone together. You can take your partner to a hotel that has a great restaurant and cleansing massage services that will unwind you from head to toe. A luxury hotel that promises you a romantic getaway with its various services would be a great gift for your loved one.


Special Chocolate Workshop for Valentine's Day at Elite World İstanbul Taksim

If you would like to make a sweet surprise for your partner on Valentine's Day, another gift idea comes to you from the heart of Istanbul: Chocolate Workshop!

A Chocolate Workshop is waiting for you where you can experience the tricks of chocolate making and add flavor to your love. On Saturday, February 10, between 14.00-and 16.00, under the leadership of Mehmet Uzunöz, Kitchens Coordinator at Elite World İstanbul Taksim, you will discover the intricacies of chocolate making such as chocolate melting, tempering, shaping and decorating techniques and taste scrumptious chocolates. You will also be entitled to receive a certificate that is signed by the Elite World Chefs at the end of the event.


You can contact the number 0212 313 83 17 for reservations or purchase your ticket at  


Romantic Way to Make February 14 Special: Elite World Grand Sapanca!

Elite World Grand Sapanca, which puts the magnificent nature of Sapanca right in front of you, invites you to have the best Valentine's Day! Offering fireside delicacies from award-winning chefs, The Grill restaurant ensures that delicious meals accompany every moment of your life. Offering magnificent appetizers, meats and many varieties of world cuisine, The Grill turns your romantic dinners into a feast of taste. Fit Life Spa & Wellness, which makes you forget your tiredness in this unique getaway with your partner, helps you cleanse with light breezes and bird sounds. If you would like to refresh, unwind, and have a romantic holiday with your partner, book your place right away at Elite World Grand Sapanca.


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