2023 Travel Trends for Valentine's Day

February 14, considered the day of love and romance, is the best time for couples to express their commitment and love to each other. You can make Valentine's Day enjoyable with special events and meaningful gifts and you can go on a short vacation with your loved one.

Since Turkey is an extremely rich country in terms of travel alternatives, you can find many options for Valentine's Day. Cultural trips, nature holidays, or calmness; It is possible to find a travel route suitable for the concept you want. From Ağva to Ayvalık, from Şirince to Sapanca, beautiful locations await you!


Express Your Love in the Unique Landscape of Ağva

If you live in Istanbul and want to celebrate Valentine's Day with a short getaway, Ağva, one of the most ideal options, can be one of the best alternatives. After dining in a stylish restaurant, you can watch the unique view of Ağva and complete the night at the peak of romance. If you go to Ağva, you should not neglect to have breakfast by the Göksu River!


For Those Who Seek Calmness: Cunda Island

Cunda Island in Balıkesir's Ayvalık district is one of the ideal destinations for you to spend your Valentine's Day in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. You can walk hand in hand with your significant other in the historical streets of the island and taste delicious appetizers and fresh fish at the restaurants on the beach. Cunda is a unique option for you to experience the spirit of Valentine's Day in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. You can check out the souvenir shops in the island's bazaar, visit the Taksiyarhis Memorial Museum and try mastic Turkish coffee in the famous coffee shop of the region.


Declare Your Love Up in The Sky

Cappadocia is one of the places that attract attention in all seasons. With its unique atmosphere, Cappadocia manages to be at the top of the Valentine's Day holiday trends. The region promises a perfect holiday with its cave hotels, vast valleys and underground cities. It fascinates those who see it with its natural beauty. Well, how about going on a hot air balloon ride with your significant other during sunrise? You can shout to express your love to your partner while watching this unique view up in the sky. You can make Valentine's Day meaningful by taking a walk among the fairy chimneys and then you can have a pleasant dinner.


Romance in White

Snow symbolizes peace with its white cover. It is possible to experience this peace, which is a great opportunity for Valentine's Day, to the fullest during your short holiday in Kartepe. You can spend the daytime skiing. In the evening, you can spend quiet and romantic moments in front of the fireplace.


Discover Vanadokya on Valentine's Day

A similar fairy chimney in Cappadocia is found in the village of Yavuzlar in Van's Başkale district. The region called Vanadokya has a unique atmosphere. Van offers unique opportunities for those who want to make a different program and discover new places on Valentine's Day. While you are in Van, you can visit Çavuştepe Ancient City, the House of Van Cats, Akdamar Castle and many other historical places.


Meet on the Island Beaches

You may not have time for the holidays, however, that doesn't stop you from making Valentine's Day special and meaningful. There are many special events for February 14 for those living in Istanbul. You can take a tour of the Islands with your partner. Thus, you will have the opportunity to meet a very different side of Istanbul. With their calmness and natural beauty, the islands of Istanbul will open the doors of romance to you. If you have decided to go on an island tour, do not forget to add Büyükada Aşıklar Tepesi (Lovers Hill) to your list!


Romantic Nature Holiday in Sapanca

On one hand, the unique nature view, on the other hand, your significant other… You can't think of a better scenario for Valentine's Day! Sapanca with its natural beauty is ideal for you to experience an unforgettable Valentine's Day. In Sapanca, you can get away from the stress of the city and enjoy the unique beauties of nature. You can visit Nature Park and participate in various activities around Sapanca Lake.

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