Seasonal changes greatly affect our mood. We can enter a melancholic mood, especially with the arrival of autumn, which is called the season of fall. This situation mostly affects those who love the summer season. Although it is very normal to experience mood swings during the change of seasons, it is important to keep the change in our mood to a minimum. We have listed nine suggestions that will keep your mood in balance and make you feel happier during the seasonal changes. How would you like to explore these tips?


Improve Your Social Relationships

It is quite natural that you do not want to communicate with anyone when you start to feel unhappy. However, sharing your feelings with your loved ones will make you feel good and motivated. If you can't find anyone around you to talk to, you can also get support from an expert.


Get a New Hobby

Now is the time to take up a new hobby! Many changes occur in nature during the autumn season. It is up to you to use these changes as an advantage. Hobbies like photographing deciduous trees or taking a walk in a fine drizzle can distract you from the negative thoughts.


Get Outdoors

You may want to stay home while feeling unhappy. But there is a beautiful world outside and you can take short walks in the park to enjoy it. You will notice a positive change in your mood after a short walk, as fresh air and oxygen will affect the happiness hormones in our body.


Consume Healthy Foods

You can support your mental and physical health by eating healthy. The need for carbohydrates, which are released in the body with the cold weather, can cause you to gain weight in a short time. To avoid this situation, you should balance your diet. Instead of carbohydrates found in processed and packaged foods, you should consume complex carbohydrates from grains.


Sleep Regularly

The state of sleep, in which your body goes into a state of rest and is free from the thoughts, is very important for mental and physical health. The pineal glands in the brain secrete melatonin at night during sleep. Thanks to this hormone, your circadian rhythm is regulated. You can also experience a night of quality sleep. So, when you wake up in the morning, you can feel more energetic and happier.


A Healthy Body Means a Healthy Mind

Sağlam Kafa Sağlam Vücutta Bulunur

The relaxation that occurs in the body muscles while exercising is also relaxing for your mind. During exercises, the production of stress hormones in your body is reduced to a minimum. In this way, you will feel calmer, more peaceful, and happier. The serotonin hormone released during an exercise also makes you feel happier and more positive. In addition, thanks to the exercises you do regularly, you can see that your sleep and nutrition patterns are settled. So, you can start a positive cycle that feeds on itself.


Light Therapy

Thanks to light therapy, aka phototherapy, you can minimize the unhappiness you experience during the seasons with the help of artificial light. Studies on this subject confirms that the light therapy is a supportive method. Light adjusted at a certain frequency regulates your body's biological clock and thus allows you to feel happier.


Get Involved in the Magical World of Books

Kitapların Büyülü Dünyasına Dahil Olun

Did you know that a cup of coffee and a good book also have something to do with happiness? When you immerse yourself in the magical world of books, each of which is decorated with different stories, you can get away from the stress of the season pass. By reading a book, you can increase your knowledge and provide the calmness that your soul needs. Moreover, in this way, you can broaden your horizons and try to approach things from a different perspective.


Give Meditation a Chance

Meditation, which some people are passionate about and some people keep aloof, is actually quite beneficial for both physical and mental health. Meditation, which calms the soul, facilitates focus, and increases motivation, is a nice break that you give yourself from the stress of life. Research also proves that people who meditate regularly have a more positive outlook on life.


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