8 Places That Are Close to Istanbul Where You Can Visit with Your Family During the Semester Break

Although the trio of sea, sand and sun comes to mind when it comes to holidays, the pleasure of having a holiday in the winter months is different. You can also witness the views that look like paintings that are created by the rain, snow and fallen leaves by going on a holiday in this cold season. In this article, we have talked about places that you can visit with your family during the semester break. Here are 8 magnificent places close to Istanbul that will amaze you with their nature and history!


Enjoy Nature: Abant

Abant, which takes on a different beauty in every season of the year, fascinates its visitors. You can visit Abant, which is approximately 300 km away from Istanbul, during the semester break. You can have a nice picnic on the shores of Abant Lake, visit the nature museum, or go for a nature walk. Don't forget to add watching the unique view of Abant Lake, which you can reach easily from Istanbul to your to-do list.

Relieve Your Tiredness in the Healing Waters of Yalova: Armutlu

The common point of those who seek healing and want to relax in winter is usually hot springs. Armutlu continues to host many visitors throughout the year with its healing waters. If you would like to make a soothing program for your semester break, the hot springs in Armutlu, which is only 145 km away from Istanbul, might be a good choice. If you wish, you can also visit Bozburun Lighthouse, which is one of the important structures of history and still continues to serve today. If you desire to enjoy the unique beauty of natural beauties during the winter months, you can add Sudüşen Waterfall and Dipsiz Lake to your route.


Immerse Yourself in the Fun of Snow and Skiing: Uludağ

When it comes to skiing, one of the first places that comes to everyone's mind is Uludağ. If you choose Uludağ, which is approximately 188 km away from Istanbul, for your semester break, you can enjoy the fascinating snow view. If you wish, you can ski with your family. You can visit Uludağ National Park, which offers trekking, daily picnic activities and camping opportunities. Don't forget to leave without seeing the Icy Lake, which continues to hold ice on its surface until August!


Have an Unforgettable Holiday Accompanied by The Falling Leaves: Maşukiye

One of the locations frequently visited in winter tourism is Maşukiye, which offers a visual feast to its visitors with its natural beauties and snowy hills. If you have headed to Maşukiye with your family during the semester break, you can go trekking here and enjoy your meal accompanied by water coming from the waterfall and the sounds of birds chirping in Alabalık Valley. You can also go for winter camping as a family here. Don't forget to ski in Kartepe and visit Ormanya Wildlife Park while you're in Maşukiye!


Discover the Indelible Traces of History: Edirne

If you ever head to Edirne for the semester break, you may have the opportunity to wander through the dusty pages of history. Edirne, which is approximately 240 km away from Istanbul, is quite affluent in terms of historical buildings. It hosts important buildings such as Selimiye Mosque, Karaağaç Train Station, Old Mosque and Complex of Sultan Bayezid II. While you are in this city that is full of history, don't forget to leave Edirne without visiting the Meriç River and tasting its famous liver.

Be Captivated by the Magic of Unique Buildings: Safranbolu

Safranbolu, which has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, fascinates everyone with its natural beauty. If you are planning to spend your semester break in Safranbolu with your family, you can take nature walks and visit the famous Safranbolu houses. You can also climb Hıdırlık Hill and watch the beauty of the city from a bird's eye view. You can go to Arasta for shopping and purchase presents for your loved ones.


Watch the Landscape That Is Full of Reflections: Kastro Bay

This fascinating place, called Kastro or Çamlıköy, approximately 147 km away from Istanbul, is one of the locations that host visitors most frequently in Tekirdağ. It is also possible to go boating in Kastro Bay, which stands out with its forests and beach. If you would like to spend your semester break here, you can camp and enjoy nature under the stars. If you like taking pictures, you can immortalize the unique beauty of nature in winter!

Immerse Yourself in the Arms of Nature: Sapanca

Sapanca is undoubtedly one of the places that has a different beauty in every season of the year. Sapanca, which is very close to Istanbul in terms of location and is approximately 139 km away, definitely deserves a visit. During the semester break, you can take a walk in Sapanca Lake and visit Serdivan Gölpark. If you want to be all by yourself with nature, Sakarya Provincial Forest Nature Park is waiting for you. The nature park, which hosts activities such as ATV and horse riding, is also very suitable to visit during the winter months.


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