The Best Concept Cafes That You Need to See in Istanbul 

Life flows at a fast pace, including work or school life and household chores. To take a break from this busy schedule, you can get together with your loved ones and have a deep meaningful conversation over coffee in a pleasant atmosphere. Concept cafes in Istanbul are ideal for enjoying the weekend or after-work hours. Let's have a look at the best concept cafes in Istanbul that you need to visit!


Comic Book Concept Cafes

Cartoons, fairy tales and stories attract the attention of people of all ages who want to open the doors of a fantastic world. Cartoons, especially those with entertaining characters, are favorites not only for children but also for adults. Some cafes in Istanbul must have noticed the interest in cartoons and embellished their concepts with the details of this magical world. Wallpapers and accessories are decorated with cartoon characters and themes. If you are a fan of cartoons that expand the imagination and where anything is possible, you should definitely check out the cafes where you will feel like a comic book character the moment you enter.


Cafes That Bring Nature Together with You

Being in touch with nature is a need of every person. However, when you live in a busy city life, it is not always possible to spend time in nature. In this case, cafes that reflect the simplicity and peace of nature can be a resting point for you. These cafes, which contain real trees, also attract attention with their interior designs that literally reveal nature right in front of you. Cafes, where tables, shelves and chairs are designed from wood, where there are flowers in tiny pots on each table which offer a dimly lit environment with lush gardens and carefully selected lighting can make you feel much more peaceful.

Vintage Cafes

If you are tired of the atmosphere and intensity of modern cafes and if old-school designs make you happier, you should definitely visit vintage cafes. Lace covers, old televisions, typewriters, and radios can take you back to the old days. Maybe an old record playing in the background of the cafe that you'll go to can make your day much more enjoyable. After a busy working day, you can relax in vintage cafes and enjoy the moments that are spent among unique decoration elements.

Book Cafes

If you like to spend time just for yourself and your books on the weekends, you should give book cafes a chance. Book cafes are ideal for those who would prefer to drink their beverages and read a book at the same time. Because the interior design of these cafes mostly includes the bookcases that we are used to seeing in libraries. You can choose the book you want from the shelves, which contain many works in different categories and sip your tea or coffee while reading it. Thus, you can discover the works of authors that you have not met before. You can arrange to meet yourself at the book café on the same day every week to finish the work that you have chosen.

Cafes That Are Adorned with Literature

Do you agree that life can be possible without poetry? Do you want that striking sentence of your favorite author to influence others as well? Then you should definitely visit the cafes with a literary concept, where you can see traces of literature in every corner. These cafes, which feature poems and quotes from books on their walls, also contain details that touches different types of literature. Cemal Süreya, Yaşar Kemal, Orhan Veli and many other master names accompany you in these cafes.

For An Italian Cafe Concept: Coffee Company!

If you like cafes that are decorated in classic Italian style, Coffee Companies are waiting for you! The unique scent of coffee is present in the Coffee Companies that are located in the Grand İstanbul Küçükyalı, Grand İstanbul Basın Ekspres, Elite World İstanbul Taksim, Elite World İstanbul Florya, Elite World Grand Sapanca, Elite World Marmaris and Elite World Van hotels serving within Elite World Hotels & Resorts. Welcoming its guests between 08.00 and 23.00, Coffee Company not only offers delicious coffees but also introduces you to unique tastes. You can enjoy daily fresh cakes, cupcakes and specially made chocolates that are signed by award-winning chefs. You can also gift these unique flavors to your loved ones. If you would like to get more detailed information about the Coffee Company, which will win your heart with both its atmosphere and menu, you can contact Elite World Hotels & Resorts right away.


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