If you are planning a wedding that will take place in October with that special person you have decided to unite your life with, where you can benefit from the beauties of nature, we have great suggestions for you. Destination weddings, which are very popular lately for those who are tired of traditional weddings and ceremonies and dream of a romantic wedding can be a great choice. Here are 8 different destinations where you can immortalize that magnificent step you will take with your partner in October!


Time Defying: Istanbul

Istanbul, one of the favorite cities of all seasons with its historical texture and magnificent nature, can also be a magnificent destination for getting married. You can make your first step into a lifelong partnership much more special and meaningful with a wedding organization that will be accompanied by historical silhouettes such as Hagia Sophia, Sultanahmet, and Galata Tower against the magnificent Bosphorus view of Istanbul, which combines the continents of Europe and Asia.


Aegean's Essential: Bodrum

It can be great to plan a wedding in the presence of the fairytale beaches and sandy beaches of Bodrum, which spends its quietest period in October, its lush nature, deep blue sea, and magnificent scenery. In the romantic atmosphere of Bodrum, one of the magnificent coasts of the Aegean, you can witness unforgettable moments with your loved one, away from the crowd, among white traditional houses. You can experience magical moments that you will remember for years with a trip to the natural wonders of Bodrum, which can be one of the perfect choices among wedding destinations.


Arts Centre: Barcelona

An inspiring city for couples interested in art and architecture, Barcelona can be a good example of your preferred wedding destination. Barcelona, which looks magnificent with the works of painters such as Salvadore Dali and Pablo Picasso, can enable those who want to witness the magnificent harmony of the new and the old to share special moments that will be engraved in their memories. If you want to discover new beauties and witness stunning images while getting married, Barcelona is the city for you.


City of Romance: Paris

When you think of romance, the first thing that comes to mind is Paris, the capital of France. You can organize an unforgettable wedding in Paris, which has a very romantic atmosphere for a fairy-tale wedding plan. Paris, which stands out with its lush gardens, artistic and architectural texture, and the Eiffel Tower, which has become the symbol of love that can offer a nice atmosphere to feel the love to your bones with that person you will unite your life with.


The City Where Love Lives To The Fullest: Rome

Rome is another city that has become a symbol of love and passion that can fascinate you with its historical structures, artistic texture, and romantic atmosphere. In the city of Rome, where travelers have explored for centuries, where lovers meet, and which carries the spirit of history; You can plan an incredible and inspiring wedding around fascinating structures such as the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, and the Trevi Fountain.


Natural Wonder: Cappadocia

Cappadocia, which has recently come to the fore among wedding destinations, can offer you unforgettable hours with its fascinating valleys and unique scenery. You can have a celebration that will sweep you off your feet in hot air balloons, which have become one of the symbols of Cappadocia. You can share peaceful and secluded moments in the traditional houses carved into the rocks of Cappadocia, or you can organize a rural wedding among breathtaking valleys.


An Epic Landscape: Isle of Skye

For those who prefer different destinations instead of the usual places, your wedding on the Isle of Skye, which is an ambitious option with its historical castles and beautiful scenery, can be an enjoyable experience. On the Isle of Skye, which has an exciting atmosphere with its wild sea and interesting mountains, you can enjoy the special moments you will spend watching the sunset with your loved one. You can choose the Isle of Skye to have an experience that will fascinate you among the wonderful images created by the color tones that emerge in the autumn months.


For a Peaceful Atmosphere in Sapanca: Elite World Grand Sapanca

Sapanca is among the ideal wedding destinations in October for those looking for a quiet and peaceful environment in the middle of nature with its lush green nature, magnificent view, and bird chirping sounds spreading all around. Elite World Grand Sapanca, which creates an atmosphere in Sapanca where you can be alone with nature, is one of the most beautiful places that allows you to make a wonderful start to your new life with your future spouse. You can also contact Elite World Grand Sapanca to enjoy the comfort in the rooms that are inspired by nature, and to plan a magnificent wedding organization in its splendid and stylish halls accompanied by the flavors prepared by award-winning chefs.


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