We all know that breakfast is the most important meal and that it is a starting meal that helps you spend the rest of the day well and vigorously. Moreover, research also supports this! It has been proven by studies that if we have a balanced breakfast by consuming healthy foods, we will be more productive, careful, and attentive during the day. If we skip breakfast or are nutritionally inadequate, we are likely to experience sudden hunger attacks, lack of attention and low motivation. If you have decided to make breakfast which is the most important meal of the day, a habit, well then get ready because in this article we will discuss on how to have a healthy breakfast, what you should eat and many other details. :)


Healthy Breakfast Suggestions

If you have the chance to have breakfast at home, you are truly lucky! You can spice up this first meal of the day as you wish by experiencing a different breakfast suggestion every day at a comfortable time. In this way, you will both learn new recipes and enrich your palate, don't you think it's great? :)


Classic Breakfast

Classic breakfasts have a very important place, especially in Turkish culture. If you are one of those who say, "Classic breakfast is just the right fit for me!", you can also add tahini and molasses to your breakfast to add flavor and energy to your breakfast accompanied by tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, eggs, depending on the season. We are sure that this breakfast menu will not only increase your energy but also increase your happiness to the highest levels. You can add a slice of whole grain or whole wheat flour bread to your breakfast depending on your preference. In this way, your calorie intake will decrease, and you will be able to control your hunger until lunch because of the moderate amount of carbohydrates you will consume at breakfast. Classic flavors are ready to add flavor to your breakfast table.! :)


Omelette Varieties

So, when it comes to breakfast, one of the first flavors that come to mind is omelette. Here we have listed for you easy, practical, and healthy omelette varieties that you can enrich with the ingredients that you want according to your taste.


  • Vegetable Omelette: You can make a delicious final touch by grating cheddar cheese on the omelette you can make with parsley, green pepper, or leek.
  • Cheese Omelette: You can decorate the omelette that you will make with cheddar cheese, curd cheese, or feta cheese with various spice mixtures.
  • Plain Omelette with Milk: Your omelette, which you can make with only milk, spices, and eggs, will be soft and tasteful thanks to the milk!
  • Mushroom Omelette: One of the vegetables that goes best with eggs is undoubtedly mushrooms. Finely chopped mushrooms will help you make a light and delicious meal.


Healthy Toasts

If you are one of those who say, "I am a toast lover!", you can prepare wonderful toasts that are both healthy and suitable to your taste with our toast recipes that will create a feast of flavors for you. Let's get into it!


  • Cheese Toast: You can easily prepare this classic but satisfying toast in minutes by adding tomatoes, cucumbers, and your favorite cheese to your whole wheat bread.
  • Ham Toast: If you like light flavors but want to stay full until noon, ham toast is just for you! Add ham slices and cheddar cheese to your bread and imagine these two flavors mixing together when heated and melting in your mouth! :)
  • Plain Kashar Cheese Toast: The ideal option for those who always prefer classics and simplicity is a toast with plenty of kashar cheese. If you wish, you can top off this simple recipe with various sauces that are suitable for breakfast.
  • Pepperoni Pizza Toast: If the weekend means a breakfast table filled with your favorite flavors, of course, this table would be a little incomplete without pepperoni pizza toast. :)


Oatmeal Breakfast Suggestions

Oats, which we always include in our meals, especially when we are trying to control our weight, are also an excellent option for breakfast. You can use oats, which will keep you full for long hours thanks to the high amount of fiber it contains, in different ways and you can color its flavor with various combinations.


  • Oats with Milk: You can have a delicious start to the day by adding any amount of milk that you want to a bowl of oats and coloring it with various dried fruits.
  • Oats with Yogurt: When yogurt, which is very rich in calcium, comes together with oats, it will be a breakfast with high nutritional value and will also help you start the day lightly.
  • Oatmeal Porridge: After boiling oats with milk, you can have a delicious breakfast by decorating your plate with colorful fruits and your favorite nuts.


Don't Miss Out on Fruit!

If you start your day early and spend most of your day in the office, you can put light fruits in your storage container and throw them in your bag. In this way, you will both enrich your first meal of the day and increase your energy.


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