10 Stress - Relieve Activities You Should Do To Wake Up Happy In The Morning

sabah stressiz uyanmakWouldn't it be great to wake up in the morning and have a fresh start to the first hours of the new day without spending long hours in bed? As we all know, our mood in the morning significantly affects the rest of the day. If you want to wake up in the morning with high motivation and happy energy, you should take a look at the article that we have prepared for you!


1. Have a Specific Sleeping Pattern

Going to sleep and waking up at certain times without disrupting your sleep pattern, including weekends, helps your biological clock not to be disrupted and you end up waking up happier in the morning.

Experts say that you should sleep before 11:00 at night in order for your body to benefit from melatonin production in the most efficient way. Additionally, research shows that people who wake up at the first light of the morning are happier during the day than people who wake up late. If you get your body used to going to bed early and waking up early for a few days, you will notice that you will start to wake up happier.


2. Check Your Sleeping Position

According to sleep experts, sleeping in the wrong positions can cause you to wake up with back, waist, shoulder, and neck pain. Experts say that the anatomically healthiest sleeping position is to sleep on your back. However, most people cannot get as comfortable as they want in this position and may have difficulty falling asleep.

If you are one of those people who sleep on their side, you should get orthopedic pillows to prevent neck pain. For back pain, sleeping with a pillow between your legs will relieve you.

3. Change Your Alarm Sound

Rather than a classic alarm sound, changing your favorite and energetic music as your alarm sound can help you wake up more energetic and happier. We recommend that you make sure that this music is not too loud or too calm.


4. Let Sunlight Enter the Room

sabahlari güneş ışığı almak

Imagine the happy people you see in TV shows, who open the curtains and windows as soon as they wake up and breathe in the fresh air. In fact, this is an action that is scientifically proven and will make you start the day more energetic and happier.

While sunlight increases your serotonin level, fresh air filling your room causes your sleep to improve in a short time and you feel more energetic.


5. Don't Check Your Phone as Soon as You Wake Up

Even if notifications, especially news, pop up on your phone throughout the night that don't directly affect your life, they can increase your stress level and cause you to start the day unhappy. So, avoid checking your phone as soon as you wake up. Try to check news and notifications later in the day.


6. Brush Your Teeth and Tongue When You Wake Up in the Morning

Did you know that hundreds of bacteria accumulate in our mouths while we sleep at night? Drinking water right after waking up or sitting at the breakfast table can cause these bacteria to reach your stomach directly.

In order to be healthier and feel energetic and happy during the day, you must get rid of these bacteria. Therefore, you can make it a habit to brush your teeth and tongue for two minutes as soon as you wake up.


7. Don't Neglect Morning Exercises

It is a fact known by everyone that exercise increases happiness hormones. Starting the day by exercising is a method that will increase your motivation and make you feel relaxed and happier. All you need is to feel the motivation and energy to take the first step towards exercising. Rest assured; the rest will come naturally!


8. Be Thankful, Be Forgiven and Start the Day with Meditation!

In the morning, you can think about the details that will make you happy and start the day by feeling grateful for the good things that you have. Every morning when you wake up, write down five things you have that you are grateful for and remind yourself once again how lucky you actually are. Daydream about things that will increase your motivation and promise yourself that you will do your best to make them come true.


9. Boost Your Spirit Right Before Sleeping

Do activities that will make you happy before going to bed. These might be listening to your favorite music, reading a book, or watching a funny movie. Making time for yourself late at night and keeping your morale high will help you start the new day much more vigorously.


10. Don't Leave Decision Making Until the Morning

If you make decisions before going to bed at night, such as what to wear the next day and what to have for breakfast, you can feel much better in the morning. This will not only relax you but will also save you some serious time.