Valentine's Day is an excellent occasion for couples who love to travel. If you want to go on a romantic trip with your partner on this particular day, you should add Sapanca, which offers fascinating winter landscapes, to your travel list. Sapanca is one of the most popular holiday destinations with its unique nature and unique peaceful atmosphere. Its calm and relaxed texture, beautiful views, and fantastic nature successfully attract visitors' attention. Well, how would you like to go on a romantic holiday with your lover or spouse on Valentine's Day? Here are five reasons to spend your Valentine's Day in Sapanca!


1. You Can Find Peace With Your Lover in Sapanca

Sevgilinizle Huzuru Sapanca'da Yakalayabilirsiniz

These days when you are tired of working life and intense stress, you can explore the beauties of nature with your lover. On Valentine's Day, instead of the monotonous city life, you can choose Sapanca, where you will find peace while breathing the fresh air. The calm forests of Sapanca, covered with white snow, are very good for your soul and body. There are many places to visit and see in Sapanca. For example, you can have fun in Ormanya, Sapanca Lake, Aygır Creek, and Kartepe Ski Center; on the other hand, you can have peaceful and unforgettable moments with your lover. In this way, you can experience romance and serenity together.


2. You Can Have Fun At The Ski Center

Kayak Merkezinde Eğlenceli Anlar Yaşayabilirsiniz

February 14, Valentine's Day, is the best time to take a ski vacation. The rhythm of love and freedom adds a different dimension to your relationship as you slide through the snow-covered mountains with your lover. You have to keep in mind one detail: Don't forget to take your skis and waterproof clothes with you when you go to Sapanca! Thus, you can have pleasant moments with your lover at Kartepe Ski Center. Here you can go skiing, play snowball, eat sausage bread and enjoy the snow view on the chairlift. When you are cold, you can warm up by hugging your lover tightly so that you can bond more with each other.


3. You Can Take Pictures That Will Make Your Love Immortal With The Scenery

You can take photos that immortalize the moment in beautiful places you will discover in Sapanca. Life here is so peaceful that you can feel time standstill. You can experience the peak of romance in the company of snow-covered landscapes with your lover. All you have to do is keep your camera or smartphone ready! Because here you will encounter many landscapes that you want to immortalize the moment.


4. You Can Have Romantic Moments By The Fireplace

Elite World Sapanca Şömine

Valentine's Day is the best time to experience romantic moments. You can feel the romance to your bones in Sapanca. Wouldn't you like to sip your hot coffee with your lover by the fireplace that burns like a flame while it is snowing outside? Of course, your answer is "Yes!" Elite World Sapanca is precisely the place you are looking for. You can experience peace, serenity, and romance in the Fireplace Bar.


5. You Can Get Over the Tiredness of the Year at the SPA

One of the essential criteria when going on vacation is that your destination is a place where you can relieve your accumulated tiredness. Well, how about enjoying SPA with your partner at Elite World Sapanca? While this experience relaxes your body and soul, it also adds color to your relationship. In addition, you can spend Valentine's Day with a massage at a unique SPA equipped with roses and candles accompanied by slow music. Thus, you can relieve your tiredness and enjoy relaxation.


Spend Valentine's Day Feeling Romance at Elite World Grand Sapanca

Elite World Grand Sapanca is waiting for you with its location intertwined with nature, friendly staff, superior service quality, and luxury rooms. Elite World Grand Sapanca Convention & Wellness Resort, designed as an example from the uniquely beautiful nature of Sapanca, welcomes its guests who want to spend time in a romantic and peaceful environment on Valentine's Day. The hotel, which was designed based on the warmth of the family, is appreciated for its spacious and clean rooms, healthy living activities, delicious menus, and specially designed playgrounds for children.

In Elite World Grand Sapanca, which invites you to experience unforgettable moments with its concepts specially prepared for Valentine's Day, you can have a romantic meal with your lover or spouse, relax with a massage at the SPA, explore nature with safari, and swim with pleasure in the indoor pools. Furthermore, you can contact the hotel to get detailed information about the hotel's facilities and Valentine's Day advantages and make a reservation.


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