When the weather is getting colder day by day, influenza infectious diseases are starting to show themselves. Those who want to be protected from diseases find the solution in winter tea. In addition to supporting the immune system, winter tea also accompanies warm conversations. Thus, cold winter days become more enjoyable. Winter teas, which are healing for a thousand and one troubles, are formed by a mixture of many herbs and spices. The benefits of this tea, which strengthens immunity, do not end with counting. These teas are good for fatigue and forgetfulness and have a relaxing effect; It warms you up on cold winter days.

We have researched everything about winter tea for you. Alright; What are the benefits of winter tea? How to brew winter teas prepared with various mixtures? Let's look at the answers to these questions together.


What are the Benefits of Winter Tea?

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It is not clear where and when we will encounter viruses and bacteria. You can unavoidably be exposed to infectious infections in crowded environments, public transport, school, or workplaces. On the other hand, the body can become tired during seasonal transitions. At this point, winter teas come into play. These healing teas consist of mixtures that you can prepare entirely according to your taste. From mint to fennel, from chamomile to ginger, there are many benefits of winter teas that you can prepare by adding whatever you want:

● It helps to increase your body resistance by strengthening immunity.

● You can consume winter tea even when you catch diseases such as flu, cold or cold, supporting your body.

● These soothing teas calm your stress.

● It helps to strengthen the memory.

● These teas, which contain many herbs, relieve your tiredness and give you energy.

● It allows you to fight stomach and abdominal pain problems.

● It facilitates the removal of edema from your body.

● It helps balance your blood pressure.


How to Brew Winter Tea?

There is no specific material or type of plant used in making winter tea. These teas are prepared according to taste or with the unique recipes of herbalists. Although the materials used in the production are different, the brewing method does not change. However, some points need to be known while brewing. Here are the steps to follow and things to consider when brewing winter tea:

● If you are going to prepare the winter tea yourself instead of buying it from herbalists, you should make sure that the plants are dry.

● You should adjust the proportions of the herbs according to the amount of tea you will prepare. For example, you can take a pinch of each plant for a glass of herbal tea.

● You should then combine and mix all the herbs in one bowl.

● On the other hand, you should boil the water you want to drink.

● You should wait for 1 minute instead of bringing the boiling water to the plants as soon as you take it from the stove. Otherwise, you may cause the plants to burn. In such a case, the plant may lose its protection and healing effect.

● Next, you should add one teaspoon of the herbal mixture to 1 glass of water into the water you have kept for a while. It would be best to leave the mix that meets with water to rest.

● After waiting for 5-10 minutes, you can filter the pulp of winter tea and drink it.

● Optionally, you can add one spoon of honey and a few drops of lemon to the winter tea you have prepared and drink it with pleasure.


Winter Tea Lovers Meet at Coffee Company

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Elite World Hotels has stepped into an enjoyable event that will warm you up on cold days. Herbal Tea Days, which are open to the participation of all winter tea lovers and full of healthy and natural flavors, have started. The event will continue at all Coffee Companies within the branches of Elite World Grand İstanbul Küçükyalı, Elite World İstanbul Florya, Elite World Grand İstanbul Basın Ekspres, Elite World Istanbul Taksim, and Elite World Van until February 28. With Herbal Tea Days, you can reach health, love, and enjoyment in every sip, and you can get rid of all your tiredness by finding the opportunity to rest at Coffee Company. You can also contact Elite World Hotels to participate in this event, which will continue until the end of February, and get detailed information.


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