Turkish bath culture has an important place in Turkish history. Cleaning in the baths and refreshing with massages refreshes you and prepares you for intensely stressful days. It is also possible to get extra benefits with special massage techniques in the baths. Thanks to the scrub and foam massage service you will receive with the help of masseuses who are competent in this business, your body will be purified and relaxed from head to toe. So, what are scrub and foam massage? What are the benefits of this type of massage?


What is a Scrub in the Turkish Bath, How is it Made?

hamam kese

Being scrubbed in the baths is different from being scrubbed at home. When you are scrubbed in the bath, you can get help from experts, or you can scrub yourself if you wish. It is useful to sweat a little before making the scrub, which is a hydrotherapy method. You can sweat in the sauna and then start the scrubbing process. You can soap your body after sweating. Then you can start to rub the pouch that you have kept in hot water for a while on your body. You can complete the scrubbing process by removing dirt and dead skin after scrubbing with soapy fiber.


What are the Benefits of Making a Pouch?

There are many benefits of making a pouch. The pouch, which allows the dead skin to be removed from your body, acts as a peeling in the body. It accelerates blood circulation, renews cells, and thus increases the number of cells. In addition to helping to prevent the formation of wrecks, it also increases the speed of healing wounds in your body. The pouch, which also prevents the formation of acne, opens your pores and helps you to be cleaned from head to toe. If you suffer from lifeless or unhealthy skin, you can take an important step towards getting rid of your skin problems by having a regular scrub.


What is Foam Massage, How Is It Done?

Foam massage is a type of massage done right after the scrub. The scrub applied after sweating in the bath cleanses your skin of dead skin as we mentioned before. In this way, after the toxins accumulated in the pores are removed, foams obtained from natural and pure soaps are applied to the skin. Dead skin and dirt removed after the scrub application are completely cleaned with foam massage. Of course, the foam massage should be done by expert hands. Otherwise, the efficiency you will get from the massage may decrease.

What are the Benefits of Foam Massage?

The main purpose of the scrub and foam massage is to open the pores in the body completely and to allow the dead skin on the skin to be removed. Since special techniques are used in foam massage, your body relaxes from head to toe. The skin, which is purified with a scrub, is completely cleaned with foam massage and the upper layer of the skin begins to breathe. This type of massage provides revitalization of the skin and acceleration of blood flow. During the foam massage, your body covered with natural and pure foam becomes smooth and soft. One of the benefits of foam massage is to make your skin look healthier by giving a glow to your skin.


The Right Address for Scrub and Foam Massage: Elite World Hotels & Resorts

It is very important to choose the right address for scrub and foam massage. In order for the massage and scrub to be efficient and to take place under healthy conditions, you should get help from experts in this field. Fit Life SPA & Health Center, which is part of Elite World Hotels & Resorts, offers professional massage services to its customers. It helps you to refresh yourself in the Turkish bath, which is decorated with special marble stones and offers comfort with its under-heated navel stone.

You can scrub in the hygienic baths at Elite World Hotels & Resorts and have a great time with your loved ones. You can enjoy relaxation at Fit Life SPA & Health Center, which also provides scrub and foam massage services. Before a busy schedule, you can clean from head to toe. For this, you can visit Fit Life SPA & Health Centers with its experienced and expert staff.

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