Geleneksel Thai Masajı Nedir

Massage is a type of therapy that people apply for different purposes. There are many types of massage therapy, which it has a very long history. Thai massage is one of the most popular types of massage. If you are doing research on Thai massage, you are at the right place! So, what is this Thai massage that is using traditional methods? How is it applied? Let's examine this topic together, which has been very inquisitive lately.


What is a Thai Massage?

Thai massage, whose history dates back 2500 years, is a form of massage developed by Buddhist monks. Chinese traditional medicine and Indian yoga form the basis of this therapy method. We can also say that Thai massage, traditionally called Nuad Bo-Rarn, is a type of Oriental therapy based on the treatment of the mind, soul, and body triad. While many massage therapies are using the methods such as rubbing and squeezing, stretching out, and flexing methods come to the fore in Thai massage. This therapy method aims to reduce joint tensions and balance the body's energy flow by increasing the flexibility of the body.


So, How Is Thai Massage Applied?

Thai massage is performed with the technique of applying pressure and pressing on the 10 most important energy lines of the body using the hands, palms, fingers, elbows, and feet. The force applied during this therapy releases tension in the body. The person who practices Thai massage gently wraps the body, putting the body in a position similar to yoga movements. Thus, it facilitates the opening of the joints and the stretching of the body. In this method, there is continuous body contact between the therapist and the person who is getting the massage based on movements such as compression, pulling, and stretching.

During the massage, flexible and comfortable clothes can be chosen, just like in yoga. The therapy, which lasts at least an hour and a half, is usually performed on a semi-hard floor or on futon mats. You can move actively after a Thai massage, with its boosting energy and relaxing properties.


What Are the Benefits of a Thai Massage?

Sometimes referred to as "yoga for the lazy" or "lazy man's yoga", Thai massage has many health benefits. We can list some of the benefits of this therapy based on Eastern philosophy as follows:

Thai massage improves blood circulation. Thus, it helps the body get rid of toxins.

As it reduces stress, it protects the body against health problems caused by stress. It also helps relieve headaches caused by daily stresses and tensions.

This type of therapy improves flexibility and range of motion by increasing body energy.

It reduces non-chronic low back pain as it adds flexibility to the body and strengthens the muscles.

It relaxes the body by relieving joint and muscle pain.

Stimulates lymphatic drainage.

Of course, you should choose massage parlors that you can trust to have a Thai massage, which has many benefits. There are many salons that provide service in this regard. So, where is the healthiest and safest place to get a Thai massage?


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