The World's Best Gourmet Cities

In addition to the history, culture, and nature of the country that they will be visiting, many travelers also take into consideration the cuisine of that country. There are many gourmet cities in the world that have different tastes and appeal to different palates. Let's have a look at these delicious cities that are calling you from different parts of the world!


The Heart of the French Cuisine: Paris

Paris, one of the most important tourist centers in the world, stands out with its scrumptious French cuisine. The fact that Paris has a different taste approach and fusion cuisine alongside traditional ones is one of the features that make it among the gourmet cities. Onion soup that is prepared with caramelized onions, Pont Neuf, where entrecôte meets potatoes that is prepared with different spices and butter, croque-monsieur sandwiches prepared with boiled ham and béchamel sauce and croissants inherited from Austrian bakeries, are among the first flavors that come to mind when we discuss about French cuisine.


A Taste Tour from Ancient Rome to Today's Italy: Rome

When it comes to Italian cuisine, Rome comes to mind first. Ancient Roman, Byzantine, Jewish and Arabic cuisines have an influence on today's Roman cuisine. Rome has a rich variety of flavors including pizza, pasta, tiramisu, ice cream, fresh vegetables, olive oil dishes and seafood. As in the rest of Italy, the meal in Rome is divided into 5 courses. Appetizers made with marinated vegetables take their first place. Following this, dough, or starchy dishes such as pasta or risotto come to the fore. In the third place are side dishes along with a piece of boiled or roasted meat. Then, ice cream, tiramisu, or cheesecake desserts are consumed. Finally, a liqueur such as a limoncello or an espresso is the final touch to digest it better.


With its Mediterranean Scented Cuisine: Barcelona

Barcelona attracts visitors with its unique architecture, Catalan culture, and Mediterranean breeze, as well as its cuisine. Fresh products from both land and sea, food markets overflowing with Catalan products, tapas bars and Michelin-starred venues make great contributions to Barcelona cuisine. Paella, which is usually made with seafood and gazpacho (cold Spanish soup), which cools you down on hot summer days, are among the most curious products. Barcelona cuisine, equipped with various cheeses, spices and fresh vegetables, takes travelers on an unforgettable taste tour. All these flavors make Barcelona one of the gourmet cities.

With the Unique Flavors of Asia: Tokyo

Tokyo has a wide range of local delicacies. In Tokyo, which has many Michelin-star restaurants, you can find quality restaurants that are suitable for every budget. In addition to its features that make it one of the gourmet cities, Tokyo stands out with its shape of Japanese cuisine. Seafood sourced from Tokyo Bay makes Japanese cuisine popular around the world. Tempura, which is cooked by combining seafood with dough and deep frying it and soba noodles made from buckwheat flour, are among the most popular dishes of Japanese cuisine around the world. Nigiri-sushi combines rice balls with seafood, which emerged as fast food and chankonabe, which combines fish or chicken with vegetables, are among the flavors that must be tasted in Tokyo.


Capital of Street Food: New York

New York, which hosts people from many different nations, hosts the cuisines of different cultures thanks to its cosmopolitan structure. You can access a variety of cuisines in New York in almost every region and at any time of the day. Those who go to New York can find bacon sandwiches, a classic of the city, New York-style bagels brought to the city by the Jewish community and hot dogs, one of the most famous street delicacies of the city, at every corner. It is possible to find cheesecakes with cheese that are made from scratch and all kinds of hamburgers in various restaurants.


Taste Festival in the Middle of Civilizations: Istanbul

Istanbul, where East and West unite, has a unique food culture. More than just Turkish cuisine, the food culture of Greeks, Armenians and Jewish people also enriches the flavors of Istanbul. The legacy of the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire has a great impact on Istanbul cuisine. In addition, the food culture of Central Asia, Arabs, Balkans, Tatars, Circassians and Abkhazians also shapes this cuisine. Thanks to this cosmopolitan structure of Istanbul, different food recipes emerge. In addition to Turkish dishes such as kebabs, stuffed vegetables, meatballs, gözleme, and mantı, dishes from different cultures such as Iranian pilaf, Circassian hingel, Priest’s stew and Jewish leek meatballs are also seen. This wide-ranging food culture of Istanbul manages to provide a delicious feast to its visitors.

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