It looks like we are leaving Covid-19 behind by the summer of 2022. So many postponed weddings will be held this summer. This means that the sweet rush of the bride-to-be has begun! This includes shopping for the wedding day. Especially when it comes to shoes, it is important for brides to look for a comfortable model as they will be both stylish and standing all day long. This is exactly why we offer a compilation for brides who are in a rush for weddings and want to make the right choice. Brides who want to have a dream wedding this summer, then welcome to our article with the trendiest bridal shoes! If you want to be very stylish at your epic wedding, you may want to take a look at the tips that we have prepared for you. We hear you say, "Elegance is important, but comfort should not be neglected." from many of you. That is why you can find the trends that say, "I'm here!", at the same time, it will keep your feet comfortable, in this article. Now let's take a look at the aesthetic, stylish, and practical models!


Platform Heeled Bridal Shoes

Platform heels are one of the indispensable parts of wedding shopping! These models are a good option for weddings, as the platform in the shoes makes the feet comfortable. In addition, it makes you look taller and allows you to carry the wedding dress better. If you are looking for platform heels for your wedding, you can choose the model with stones and bows, as in the image, in accordance with the trends of 2022.


Bridal Shoes with Stones and Low Heels

Tall people and those who cannot be comfortable with high heels, we thought of you too! You can catch the 2022 trend by choosing stony and low-heeled models under your wedding dress. Moreover, in this way, you can be both stylish and dance comfortably. Considering that you can use low-heeled models comfortably in your daily life, we can say that these models are quite advantageous.


Colorful Bridal Shoes

When you think of bridal shoes, you don’t need to think of white models only. If you are open to innovations and say, "I want to reflect my colorful personality with colorful shoes.", you can choose these models without wasting any time. These models, which can be chosen by brides who want to add color to their white wedding dress, are very advantageous because the fact that they are colorful, allows you to use them in different events. Whether you choose a shoe with or without stones, colorful models are the trend this summer!


Bridal Shoes with Pearl Stones

Pearls- embellished shoes are ideal for brides who like a more romantic style. You can catch a dazzling look when you evaluate these shoes, which will make you feel like a fairy tale princess with the elegance of pearls. For this, you can choose models that are completely or partially decorated with pearls.


Flat Bridal Shoes

Think about the flats, which are just as flashy as high heels, but comfortable enough not to restrict the freedom of movement, with their models with rhinestones or bows. Some brides take ballet flats or sneakers to dance comfortably. However, this season, stony flats are in fashion! In other words, you can enjoy the day in your comfortable and stylish flats from the beginning to the end of the wedding.


Bridal Shoes with Bows

Bridal shoes with bows are also very popular this year. When the bow detail, which gives a romantic and fairy-tale feel, is accompanied by stones, fascinating models emerge. You can catch the trend of the season with bridal shoes with bows, whether with or without stones.


Thick Heeled Bridal Sandals

Our last suggestion, which is guaranteed to be stylish and comfortable, is the thick-heeled bridal sandal. If you wish, you can choose simple and elegant models or options with stones and flashy. You can have fun on your wedding night without having to change shoes with thick heeled sandals that you are sure will make your feet comfortable.


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