The Joy of New Year's Eve: Fun Games You Can Play at Home

As we prepare to say goodbye to a whole new year, almost everyone is trying to plan how they will spend New Year's Eve and wants to have an unforgettable evening. While some enjoy crowded parties, others spend New Year's Eve taking a vacation. New Year's Eve is also a great opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. If you have decided to spend this beautiful evening at home with your family and loved ones, you can make the atmosphere much more enjoyable with fun games. Here are fun games that you can play at home on New Year's Eve!


Indispensable for New Year's Eve: Bingo

One of the first games that comes to mind when it comes to New Year's Eve is bingo. Bingo, which becomes more enjoyable as the number of players increases, is a game that can be played by two people. One of the players takes turns drawing a number from the bag and whoever has that number on their card covers the number with a chip. The one who covers the first row first makes the first bingo and the one who covers the second row makes the second bingo. The first player who can cover the entire card completely completes the third bingo and wins the bingo. Bingo is a very fun and luck-based game, that can brighten up your New Year's Eve.

Strategy and Excitement Together: Board Games

Board games are among the games that you can choose for New Year's Eve. If you like fierce competition, games that require strategy can be a good alternative. If you are looking for a more exciting and dynamic game, you can turn to word games. For example, you can race against the clock with games where the word you need to explain is listed on the card and the prohibited words are listed below. You can create the highest-scoring words with word-finding games and enjoy wealth with real estate trading board games. If you desire, Kızma Birader, which is enjoyed by people of all ages, can also be a good alternative to having a good time.

Whoever Topples Loses: The Game of Balance

Balance games prepared with wooden materials are another game that does not lose its popularity and is played with pleasure. The logic of these games is quite simple. First, it is necessary to build a tower with wooden blocks. Players take turns pulling a wooden block from this tower and placing it on top. The player who upsets the balance and causes the tower to collapse loses the game. You can have a great time with the balance game where dexterity and attention are at the forefront.


The Sound of Silence: Silent Movie

One of the enjoyable games that does not require any materials is undoubtedly a silent movie. Silent movie, which is extremely fun when played by large groups, can also be played by four people. The team that makes the most correct guesses in the silent movie, where the player tells the movie within a certain period of time without speaking, using facial expressions and physical movements and their teammates try to guess it, wins the game. How about having a sweet competition with your loved ones this New Year's Eve?

The One Who Knocks Down the Billiard Cue Wins: Okey

Okey, which almost everyone knows how to play and is played by at least two and at most four people, is frequently played on New Year's Eve and at family and friend gatherings. Okey, which can be played with two people or in teams of two, aims to arrange numbers separated by color into pairs on the okey billiard cue. The one who completes their pairs wins the game. You can add the extremely enjoyable okey game to your New Year's Eve program and have a good time with your loved ones.

Have Fun While Thinking: Vowel Word Change Game

If you are looking for a game that will make you laugh and think on New Year's Eve, you can play the vowel word-changing game. In this game, you first need to choose a vowel and then a category. For example, if seasons are selected as the category and the letter A is selected, you must replace all vowels in the season names with A. So, you should say the word ağustos as "Ağastas". The opposing team checks whether the words are said correctly and the one who makes a mistake loses the game.


Push Your Limits: Imaginary Traveler

In this game, each player tells where and what to do, starting from the first letter of the alphabet. For example, the player who chooses the letter K can say "I am going to eat kadayıf in Kastamonu.". The player who chooses the letter S can complete their turn with a sentence such as "I will collect saman(hay) in Samsun." The sentences that are created do not need to make any sense. Because the fun part of this game is to laugh a lot and have fun by making absurd sentences.


A Game with Lots of Laughter: Who Am I?

"Who Am I?" is an enjoyable game that requires only a pen and sticky paper, pushes the limits, and increases people's sense of curiosity. In the game, a piece of paper with the name of a famous person or movie character is pasted on the forehead or back of the selected player. The player asks questions to guess who the person is. Other players help the person find out who they are by answering the questions with yes or no. After the player finds the person, it's the other player's turn to be the player. 


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