12 Tips for Those Who Want to Have the Best New Year's Eve

As we are living through the last weeks of 2023, the excitement of 2024 is slowly beginning to surround the whole world! While the showcases were decorated with different shades of green and red, New Year's Eve plans began to be made. You can have a warm family dinner at home on New Year's Eve, go to a venue and have fun like crazy, or turn your New Year's celebration into a small holiday getaway with a little planning. Here are 12 tips for those who want to have the best New Year's Eve!

1. The Comfiest Celebration of All Time: New Year's Eve House Party

For those who would prefer to celebrate New Year’s Eve at a house party is one of the most ideal options for being the comfiest celebration of all time! The Christmas tree that you will set up will add a wonderful atmosphere to your house with its bright ornaments and sparkling appearance. If you would like to welcome the arrival of the new year in the comfort of your own home, a New Year's party by inviting all your loved ones can be extremely enjoyable. You can make this special day much more enjoyable with delicious food and wonderful music.


2. Leave the Classics All Behind: New Year's Eve at Warm Routes

How about adding coconut to your New Year's Eve menu this year? When someone mentions about New Year's Eve, everyone thinks of white snow and cold weather. However, some countries in the world celebrate New Year's Eve in very hot climates. If you desire to have a different experience, you can go to places such as Dominica or Seychelles and welcome the new year with sea, sand, and sun.


3. Make New Promises to Yourself

New Year's Eve represents beginnings as well as entering a new year. Would you like to take the first step on New Year's Eve to realize what you want to do in the new year, your goals and wishes? For example, you can hang your goals written on a piece of paper in a place where you can see them in the first minutes of the new year and prepare to motivate yourself throughout the year.


4. For Those Who Love Solitude: Blanket, Cat, and Hot Chocolate!

You may be one of those who do not want to spend New Year's Eve in crowded places and big parties. If you are someone who likes solitude, you can spend New Year's Eve on your own or with your close family. You can curl up with your blanket and your cat next to your gleaming Christmas tree and watch your favorite shows while sipping your hot chocolate!


5. Enter the New Year with Your Favorite Artist

Wouldn't you like to enter the first hours of the new year with an artist that you adore? You can experience New Year's joy in a crowded environment accompanied by one of your favorite artists. Come on, get your tickets for the concerts that are organized specially for New Year's Eve before they sell out and start the new year with an artist that you love!

6. Attend a New Year's Eve Event Held in a Stylish Venue

You may not want to stay at home or attend noisy parties to celebrate the New Year. You can just attend New Year's Eve events that are held in a stylish venue. While enjoying your delicious food, you can also participate in the entertainment or enjoy the beautiful music that accompanies your meal.

7. New Year's Eve Can Turn into a Little Getaway

Wouldn't you like to top off your New Year's Eve holiday with a little getaway? It is possible to get away from the crowds by choosing a destination that organizes special fun events for New Year's Eve and is close to the city! We recommend that you start preparing to turn this New Year's Eve holiday into an unforgettable memory with a little getaway. Have fun!


8. Create Your Own Family Tradition!

Celebrating the arrival of the new year is a ritual that has been going on for centuries! There are different New Year traditions all over the world. You can also determine a concept with your family or loved ones and create your own special New Year's Eve family tradition by aiming to continue it every year. For example, each new ornament that you hang on your Christmas tree can represent a new wish that you make.


9. Chalets That Are Suitable for New Year's Eve Concept

Are you dreaming of a pure white snow on New Year's Eve? A chalet can be a very suitable option for those who would like to spend New Year's Eve by the fireplace that is covered with white outside. You can also consider chalet options that are suitable for the New Year's Eve concept and welcome the new year by sipping your drink by the fireplace. Enjoy the unique view in a chalet where you can be together with your loved ones or alone with your partner.


10. Get a Kick Out of Concept Parties

New Year's Eve parties are a great option for those who would like to experience the New Year spirit. You can enjoy the New Year spirit to the fullest by getting a kick out of parties and experiencing the joy of the countdown in crowds. You can research parties with many different concepts and enter the new year with a completely different experience!

11. Don't You Want to Visit Where Santa Lives?

Do you love fairy tales and legends? Then you can go to where Santa Claus lives on New Year's Eve! You will feel like you are in a fairy tale when you spend New Year's Eve in Rovaniemi, Finland, known as the place, where Santa Claus lives. Enjoy the magical atmosphere and celebrate the arrival of the new year in the best way!


12. For a Perfect New Year's Eve: Elite World Hotels & Resorts Events

Organizations with both food and music are among the most popular events on New Year's Eve! If you are one of those who say, "I don't want to prepare stuff at home for New Year's Eve!", then you can start the new year at Elite World Grand İstanbul Küçükyalı. You can have a unique feast with the affluent New Year's Eve menu on the night where the famous artist Altay will entertain you with his wonderful stage performance. Additionally, New Year's Eve cocktails, an oriental show, a DJ performance, and much more are waiting for you!

If you would like to enjoy nature, you can have a comfortable accommodation experience at Elite World Grand Sapanca and welcome the new year with Ayta Sözeri's enjoyable stage performance. DJ party, a cup of soup that you can eat at night, sausage bread and kokoreç that are accompanied by mulled wine at the Bonfire, and much more are with you! Moreover, thanks to the Kids Club, you can find New Year's Eve events not only for yourself but also for your children.

You can contact the number 0264 415 11 11! to get information about Elite World Hotels & Resorts' different New Year's Eve events and to make a reservation!


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