Surprise Gift Suggestions for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day, where we show the everlasting love we have for our mothers, is approaching. Each year, we look forward to this special day, the day that makes our precious mothers, from whom we learned compassion, sacrifice, and love, feel more valuable and look for gifts that will make them even more remarkable. We have listed surprise gift suggestions that will make mothers feel more special. Let's have a look at these suggestions that will make your mothers very happy.


Special Designed Necklaces

Many women are interested in jewelry. Necklaces, which are one of the types of jewelry that never goes out of fashion, complete the combinations. If you are thinking of giving a necklace to your mother on Mother's Day, you can choose designer necklaces. So, you can give your mother a much more special and personal gift. An elegant necklace made with materials such as steel or silver, which is inimitable in another, will make your mother very happy!


Leather Briefcases

Bags are one of the crucial things for women. A bag that matches the outfit not only completes the look, but it also takes the combination to the next level. If your mom is employed, getting a leather briefcase to match her style can be a spot-on gift! Furthermore, there are many varieties that give both a casual and stylish look together. Besides, leather materials also allow long-term use. You can give your mother a functional and lifetime gift by choosing leather briefcases on this Mother's Day.


Photo Printing or Drawing on Canvas.

Taking pictures is the best way to preserve your unforgettable memories without losing them. Bringing these wonderful memories beyond digital to printed format is still highly preferred. If you like to give your mother a more original gift instead of the framed pictures or the pictures that have been forgotten in the album, you can choose a picture printed on canvas on this Mother's Day. You can turn a picture into a memorable moment that you experienced with your mother into a painting. Furthermore, you can choose the size of the canvas paintings the way you prefer. You can even have it in charcoal or oil painting format. You can also choose a frame in a color that is suitable for your mother's home decoration.


Theater or Concert Ticket

Art is an astonishing field where we find ourselves by going down to the deepest pits of our souls and nourishing our personalities. If your mother is interested in and follows any art, you can give her an amazing experience. You can follow the events in your city and make plans that will make your mother very happy. For example, you can have a great time together by purchasing tickets to a concert by an artist your mother adores. If your mother enjoys watching theatrical plays, we suggest looking at the plays that are staged in comedy or drama according to her taste! Among the plays that will be staged, you can choose the plays that will make your mother the happiest on this Mother's Day and you can leave the classical gifts behind to spend artistic moments with your mother.


Everything She Loves Is All at Once

If you have many gift options on your mind for Mother's Day and you do not want to give up on any of them, you can give many things that you thought of instead of a single gift. You can purchase a stylishly designed basket and place your gifts in it. For example, if your mother is a coffee enthusiast, wouldn't your mother enjoy specially designed coffee mugs and a basket of her favorite coffees? If she likes natural products, you can prepare a fragrant gift package consisting of organic soaps, scents such as sage incense and natural perfumes. In the basket, you can add pictures of your memories with your mother and an emotional card about your feelings and love for your mother, you can make the gift much more thoughtful and make your mother feel worthy. 


For a Tranquil and Delightful Gift: Elite World Hotels & Resorts

How would you like to give your mother a delightful gift so that she can take time for herself? With Elite World Hotels & Resorts, you can give your mother a tranquil vacation on this Mother's Day. If your mother prefers to stay in city hotels, you can present her with a delightful stay at the city hotels of Elite World Hotels & Resorts, located in the most beautiful spots in the city. Thanks to the magnificent location of the hotels in the heart of the city, you can take a nice tour of the environment with your mother and spend a delightful day together. We are certain that your mother will not forget this Mother's Day! If she enjoys spending time in nature instead of the city, you can gift her the pleasure of a vacation at Elite World Grand Sapanca, in the heart of nature, in a unique atmosphere where green and blue unite. If you prefer, you can give your mother a SPA as a gift to leave the tiredness behind, spare some time for herself and rest her body. You can have an unforgettable SPA experience at the Fit Life Spa & Health Centers within Elite World Hotels & Resorts. SPA, which accelerates blood circulation, is a great solution for cellulite, relaxes the joints by unwinding the muscles and takes the stress of daily life, can be a gift that will make your mother very happy. If you would like to present an unforgettable experience to your mother on Mother's Day, you can contact Elite World Hotels & Resorts and make an appointment for Mother's Day right away!


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