Suggestions to Increase Your Concentration During the Meeting

It may not always be easy to focus on work that ends late, meetings that start early in the morning and the chores to be done at home. However, losing your concentration in business life, especially in meetings, can negatively affect your career. If you would like your meetings to be more productive, we are here with a great article! Here are suggestions that will increase your concentration during the meeting!


Make Sure to Have Snacks with You

If you cannot predict how long the meeting will last or if you are still feeling a bit sleepy, snacks will be your savior. When you notice that your focus is wandering during the meeting, consuming healthy snacks that will increase your energy can make you feel better by increasing the glucose level in the blood. This way, you will have the chance to focus on the meeting more easily. You can choose dried and fresh fruits and nuts as snacks. If you are one of those who cannot give up on chocolate, dark chocolate can also be a great option.


Choose a Single Topic

If you are the manager of the meeting, it is extremely important that you focus on a single topic so that both your focus and the team's concentration are not dispersed. At this point, you can conduct a study before the meeting and determine the purpose of the meeting. Identifying a single problem or issue that you require to solve in the meeting and working through it will make the meeting much more productive. Additionally, since the meeting will be shorter, you will not allow the focus to be distracted. If there are several topics that need to be discussed, you may have difficulty deciding on which one to address. In that case, you can prioritize the issues that need to be discussed, focus on the urgent ones, and set different meeting dates for the others.


Keep a Notepad with You

Taking notes in meetings helps you remember what was said and what you need to do. Another benefit of taking notes is that it can fix your focus on the moment. If you don’t feel productive enough, you can take note of important details so that you can focus again to the meeting agenda. In this way, even if you are distracted, you can catch up on the meeting agenda and maintain your focus more easily.


Make the Meeting Environment Suitable

Issues such as ventilation, lighting, design, and arrangement of furniture in your environment directly affect the efficiency of the meeting. You can make sure the ventilation is working properly to prevent any distractions during the meeting. In addition, ensuring that the meeting area is bright and creating a tidy space can also help increase your concentration.

Put Your Phone on Silent or Airplane Mode

During the meeting, you may be distracted, even momentarily and your eyes may wander to the notifications that are coming to your phone. If you pick up the phone at such times, you may start browsing social media, checking e-mails, or responding to messages and you will be completely disconnected from the meeting. To avoid this situation, you should take precautions at the beginning of the meeting. You can check incoming notifications after the meeting by putting your phone on airplane mode or silent.

Receive Support from Breathing Exercises

Using breathing exercises allows you to focus by bringing your attention to your breath, which is to the present moment. You can also try breathing exercises, which have both long-term and short-term benefits, during the meeting. To do this, whenever you feel that your focus is lost in the meeting, breathe in through your nose, fill your abdomen and exhale calmly. Don't forget to count as you breathe in and out. It is recommended that the duration to be approximately 2 minutes, but you can change the duration depending on the meeting situation. In this way, you can bring your focus first to your breath and then to the present moment.

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