Suggestions for Those Who Will Have an Outdoor Wedding in the Summer

The warm summer months are a unique time, especially for those who would like to organize an outdoor wedding. A pleasant and romantic wedding, where you feel the sun at noon on your skin and cool off with the sweet summer breeze in the evenings, can be an unforgettable memory for both you and your guests. However, if you are planning to have an outdoor wedding in the summer months, you need to pay attention to some points such as sun protection, decoration, venue, and food selection. Here are some suggestions for those who will have an outdoor wedding in the summer for an unforgettable day.


Search for the Summer Wedding Venues of Your Dreams

One of the most important parts of wedding preparations is venue selection. First, you can decide in which location you desire your dream summer wedding to take place by doing detailed research. Venues offering a garden decorated with lush green trees and colorful flowers, poolside, or a unique sea view are among the ideal options for summer weddings.

Although summer wedding venues are fascinating and aesthetic, they can also create some negative conditions. For example, staying under the sun for a long time may not be comfortable for both you and your guests. Therefore, when choosing a place, it is useful to ensure that the location meets your expectations, as well as creating shaded areas and having an umbrella to protect you from the sun.


Enrich the Decoration of Your Space with Comfortable and Stylish Touches

To get a more elegant look at the venue that you have arranged for your wedding, you can have it decorated with lively colors and summer-themed decorations. Tables decorated with colorful balloons and fragrant and colorful flowers can be a great way to present a charming summer atmosphere to your guests. You can also create a unique atmosphere for your guests by adding a more intimate and romantic atmosphere to the environment with lighting.

It is also important that the seating areas at the wedding are comfortable. You can make your guests feel more comfortable by creating stylish and comfortable seating areas that are decorated with colorful fabrics. If you wish, you can include different alternatives such as hammocks, cushions, and sun loungers, as well as sofas and chairs and add stylish and original touches to the decoration of the space.


Make Room for Light and Healthy Foods on the Menu

While making your wedding preparations, you may be undecided about the food and beverage menu that you will offer to your guests. During the hot weather, it may be a better option to choose healthier and lighter meals for your guests instead of heavy and fatty foods. Salads that are prepared with fresh vegetables, grilled vegetables, seafood, fruit plates, healthy snacks and refreshing drinks are among the most popular and healthy choices at summer weddings.


Time to Dance to Upbeat Songs!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of summer weddings is dancing while enjoying the outdoors! For a more fun and enjoyable summer wedding, you can choose a live orchestra or arrange a DJ. If you wish, you can also create a playlist that includes fun and romantic songs that have meaning to you. In order to avoid any problems on the wedding day, it may be useful to check out the control of the sound systems in the venue.


Do Not Miss Out on the Unique Sunset View

Considering that the sun sets later in the summer months, you can adjust the hours of your wedding program accordingly. You can create a more romantic atmosphere by capturing the sunset at outdoor weddings and allowing your guests to enjoy the unique sunset view.


Immortalize Your Memories at the Photo Corner

Photos that are taken against the unique view are a must for summer weddings! You can take lots of photos with your partner and guests to make this special day unforgettable. Since the photo shoot will be outdoors, you can capture romantic shots of the fascinating sunset view by taking the position of the sun into consideration.

If you wish, you can also create a summer-themed photo corner as a fun option at your wedding. You can take fun photos of your guests with colorful flowers, straw hats, and sunglasses.


Do Not Forget to Apply Pesticide in Case There Are Intruders

Dealing with mosquitoes and insects can be a bit challenging when having an outdoor wedding. To avoid being invaded by these uninvited guests, you can have the venue disinfected before the wedding day and you may want to keep insect repellent sprays in the venue just in case. If you wish, you can also request that fly-repellent candles be placed on the guests' tables as a both stylish and effective solution.


Be Prepared for Unexpected Weather Conditions

Even though you determine your wedding date by taking the weather conditions into consideration, summer rains can start suddenly. To avoid being in a difficult situation at such a time, you can find out whether the place you have chosen has a closed area.

The weather may get a little chilly on summer evenings, so you can tell your guests to take clothes such as a shawl, a thin cardigan, or a jacket, just in case, to prevent them from getting cold.


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