Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year in our country. Happy Father's Day to all men who take on the role of fathers on this special day that honors fathers, fathers, and ancestors. Where would we be without heroic fathers who make us feel secure, improve our self-confidence, and reinforce our leadership qualities? Preparations to honor our fathers who add value to our lives and personality and make them happy usually start weeks in advance. In this article, we wanted to share with you a few suggestions about special surprises you can make for your father or wife on Father's Day. Here are ten ideas that have spiritual value rather than material value...


1. Explain Why He Is Your Hero

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You can piece together his heroic feats that are small for your father but meaningful to you. You can write a story that consists of the most heroic features such as how he protected you from monsters when you were little, how he caught you with his agility when you were about to fall, how you helped with your homework and how you got full points, that you knew when you were deliberately defeated while playing, that he had arms that were big enough to hug the whole family.


2. Listen to His Military Memories

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Every father is a hero. Even though there are no longer wars with dinosaurs, monsters, or the enemy in the form of armies, as in ancient times, the military period contains essential and valuable memories for every father. However, for some reason, no one prefers to listen to the military memories of fathers. Today, you can take a unique time to listen to the fathers' wonderful memories of military service.


3. Write an Anthem for Him

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Songs are always composed for beautiful women and unforgettable loves. Great heroes are always told with marches. You can compose an anthem of your father's heroism. You don't need to have a beautiful voice to sing your anthem. Read from the heart and in your loudest voice. It is a good idea to have a handkerchief with you for the eyes that live with pride while reading the anthem.


4. Make Your Dad Headlines in the Newspapers

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You can surprise your father and wife by preparing a newspaper from your father's heroic stories, memories, and photos you took together. You can also include the opinions of other family members about your father or spouse in the newspaper. You can prepare humorous, entertaining, and emotional texts with sections such as father weather, father fortune, father sports, father economy.


5. Do His Biggest Hobby Together

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Everyone has hobbies they like to do. You can have a good time by doing your father's favorite hobby with him. Sometimes fathers cannot spare time for their hobbies due to the hustle and bustle of life, or because many hobbies are not enjoyable on their own, your father may have given up on these hobbies after a while. Find his favorite pastime and accompany him with pleasure.


6. Gift a Repair Kit

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If you have a father who loves repair and renovation works, you can prepare a surprise that he will love. You can get repair and modification kits such as drill kit, sanding kit, screwing kit, socket kit, soldering kit, wrench set for your father. You can give him the pride of making the world a better place by repairing the broken pieces in the house.


7. Appeal to His Passion for Electronics

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Dads love electronic gadgets. Especially the devices that are under their control have a separate place. When you gift a new electronic toy, he may feel as happy as taking control of the Starship Enterprise. While he can't take control of the Enterprise, he can also enjoy stereo headphones or the massive sound system. Maybe the smartwatch or the mobile phone model he has been examining for months can open the door to a happy universe for him. You can also choose an electronic toy that will make your father or spouse happy. Remember that the drone or remote control car always remains among the ideal electronic toys.


8. Get a Bonsai or Aquarium Kit


After centuries of hunting, farming, or stockbreeding to meet the needs of his home, your father may have gotten bored of going to the market and shopping. You can satisfy your longing for agriculture and stockbreeding by buying a bonsai set or an aquarium set that you have been dreaming of for years.


9. Design Gifts Bearing Your Father's Name


Fathers want to write their name in history with their heroism. Although they cannot find this opportunity in today's conditions, you can surprise your father by having his name written on the items he will use. You have countless alternatives such as a stylish watch with your name on it, cufflinks, specially designed bracelets made of natural stones, agenda, fountain pen, thermos cup.


10. Make your father enjoy SPA in Sapanca

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You can make an unforgettable surprise by gifting your father and wife, who have shouldered the burden of life to offer a safe and peaceful life, a magnificent SPA pleasure in Sapanca. At Fit Life Spa & Wellness, far from the chaos of the city, under the roof of Elite World Hotels, you can let your father or wife relax a little and enjoy life and being a father with different SPA menus.


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