Recommendation Guide for Those Who Will Spend Their Summer Vacation in Marmaris

If you are dreaming of an unforgettable holiday with its turquoise clear sea, unique beaches with fine sand and joyful nightlife, well then Marmaris is one of the best locations you can find. This charming coastal town offers countless options for those who want to relax or enjoy nature and history. Well, do you know what you can do in this enchanting town? Get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime as you discover the beauties that are waiting for you, from exploring ancient ruins to enjoying scrumptious local cuisine, in Marmaris which is located at the intersection of the Mediterranean and Aegean, adjacent to Rhodes Island!


Enjoy Virgin Bays and Beaches on the Turkish Riviera

Marmaris is a unique paradise where green and blue intertwine with its curved coastline, beaches, and coves. During your vacation to Marmaris, you can rent a boat and visit these bays, swim, and enjoy the sun and nature. You can spend time in Fenerli Island, Incekum Beach, English Harbor, Yunus Bay and Çanak Bay with the boat tour that you will start from Gökova. You can take a walk in the coves, inhale the fragrance of pine and iodine, and photograph various birds and nature that look like a postcard.

In Marmaris, which is extremely affluent when it comes to beaches, you can find many beaches that fascinate you with their beauty. The best known of these beaches, most of which have the title of blue flag, are Kızkumu, İçmeler, Cleopatra, Turunç, Uzunyalı and Marmaris Public Beach. Cleopatra Beach attracts attention as a beach with a unique beauty that is famous all over the world. You can sunbathe and enjoy the water on the beaches of Marmaris with its fine sands and ice-cold waters.


Discover Historical Spots from Ancient Greece to the Ottoman Empire

You can find traces of many civilizations in Marmaris, which fascinates with its natural beauty. One of the first places that come to mind in Marmaris, which is home to many cities from the ancient Greek civilization, is the Ancient City of Amos. Although there are not many buildings left from the ancient city on Asarlık Hills, you can see the remains of the theater and city walls. Furthermore, you can spend tranquil moments while watching the endless blue waters of the Aegean Sea from this hill. Apart from Amos Ancient City, you can add ancient cities such as Physkos, Kedrai and Loryma to your visit route.

Marmaris Castle and the archeology and ethnography museums in the castle are among the landmarks of Marmaris. You should certainly see this castle, which is very important in terms of revealing the rich culture and history of the region. It is possible to see the caravanserais, which have an important place in Ottoman civilization and commercial life, in Marmaris. Built-in the name of Hafsa Sultan, the mother of Suleiman the Magnificent, the caravanserai is still standing in all its glory for almost 500 years.


Taste The Local Aegean Flavors

In Marmaris, you can find delicacies that you can consume any meal of the day against the turquoise sea. Cızdırma, especially when it's consumed with honey and jam at breakfast, can make you feel like you’re on top of the world. You can buy local jams and Marmaris honey in the Old Bazaar and bring sweet gifts to your loved ones. You can consume appetizers, fish dishes and other vegetable dishes for lunch and dinner. Stuffed zucchini blossoms, octopus, squid, seasonal fish and Börülce ekşilemesi are the first tastes that come to mind. In the evenings, you can spend time with your loved ones around the delicious tables by the beach, accompanied by a warm breeze.


Restrain Your Adventurous Spirit with Safari

Marmaris is a place with options that appeal to people who love the sea and the sun as well as those who are passionate about adrenaline. You can go on a jeep safari by going to Turgut Village, which is built between the slopes and watching the bird's eye view from the top. There are also the ruins of Turgut Castle, which you can reach on a steep walking track in Turgut Village, which is about 40 minutes away from Marmaris. After walking here, you can catch a breath on the Seyir Tepe and watch the village and the region. In addition, since carpet weaving is one of the main livelihoods of the village, you can purchase handmade and dyed carpets here.


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