Professional competence and abilities in business life, of course, plays a very important role on the road to success. But there is another detail that is just as important as being talented! Incorrect expressions used from time to time in business life are a major obstacle to success. That's why you need to know what to say and when to say or which sentences you shouldn't use. Thus, by supporting professional equipment with effective communication skills, you can stand out among other employees and rise faster. Now, let's take a look at 12 sentences that you should never use in business life.


1. This Is How We Always Do It

Developing and changing technology day by day affects business life in many different areas. That being the case, saying that "This is how we always did it. There is no need to seek adventure." doesn't benefit you in any way. On the contrary, it can make you seem lazy and boring. Therefore, we recommend that you to be open to new ideas and different methods and never use such phrases.


2. I Can't Do This Job/I’m Not Good at It

Replying to a job that has been tasked to you as, "I can't do this job" makes you look lazy and unattractive. So instead of saying "I can't" and stepping aside; It plays an important role in your career that you make an effort and plan to do that job. 


3. It's Not My Fault

Using this sentence makes you look like an individual who avoids taking responsibility in your business life. Therefore, instead of trying to fend off the problems that arise during any task in this way, you should accept your mistake and try to find a solution.


4. This Position Is Not in My Job Description

Bu Görev Benim İş Tanımımda Yer Almıyor

The sentence above may create the impression of an "employee that is running away from work". Therefore, you should never use this phrase! Successfully complete a task, even if it is not in your job description. Say your discomfort after handing in the job, stating that you have the potential for the job, but that you do not want to do the job because it is not included in your job description.


5. Don't Keep Me Busy, I Have a Lot of Work to Do

Never say such a phrase to your coworkers and teammates. Because this discourse, which creates the feeling of looking from above, reduces the motivation of people who ask you for help or who consults you. This can lead to a negative attitude towards you at work.


6. But It's Unfair

It is not realistic to expect everything to be fair in business life. Therefore, if you feel that you have been treated unfairly, "This is not fair." or "But that's unfair!”; instead of saying that and complaining about it, you should prefer professional solutions. 


7. I Hate Doing This Job

Never, ever try to make such a sentence about your workplace or the job you do. Because such negative thoughts negatively affect other employees and managers. Accordingly, no workplace wants to work with a staff who emits negative energy to the environment.


8. Thank God!

"Thank goodness you were able to finish it." and "Thank goodness you’ve managed it." Avoid such expressions as sentences like these which will disregard the contribution and effort of the person to whom you are speaking. If you have detected an error or delay, express this situation with more constructive expressions so that the other person can try to correct their mistake.


9. It’s Just a Task That Takes a Minute 

No matter how easy your job is for you, avoid this statement. Because "What's wrong with that? It's just a task that takes a minute.” Phrases like this can create the impression that you are doing the task rather casually rather than how fast you are doing the task. Instead of that, you can choose phrases such as: "This job won't take much of my time." 


10. I Don't Know but I'll Give it a Try

One of the expressions that will create an unsafe environment in business life is using the sentence “I will give it a try." Everyone may experience anxiety about whether they can do the job in some situations. However, in such a situation, you can develop more pleasant alternative discourses instead of using a negative sentence.


11. My Teammates Are Clumsy and Lazy

One of the golden rules that will lead you to success in business life is to avoid making negative statements about your teammates. Even if your co-workers have difficulties or bad things about the job, don't bring it up. Let your other employees and managers see this for themselves. Otherwise, you may be misunderstood.


12. I ‘m Thinking Out loud…

Our advice to you in business life is not to think out loud, but to think inside. Do not convey your opinion to the other party without deliberating and maturing it. This can cause things you don't want to say to come out of your mouth. Think carefully, deliberate, consider, and use appropriate language for whatever you want to say.


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