​Each season has its own beauties, but the taste of autumn, which creates unique visuals, is something else. Therefore, planning a wedding in the autumn months means a lot of options for capturing the perfect photo frames. The landscape formed by the brown and yellow tones that appear in the autumn months, the dry leaves carried by the wind creates inspiring backgrounds for outdoor wedding photos. If you are planning a wedding in these months, you can take a look at our photo ideas suitable for autumn weddings.


Most Popular Among Couples' Choice: Road Concept

Road and journey themes are among the most commonly used wedding photography concepts. Narrow roads with dry leaves flying from the tall trees surrounding it provide an aesthetic and artistic appearance. The road theme, which is also a message for couples who unite their ways, can turn into a meaningful wedding square. Frames in which the couples walking on the road are sometimes barefoot and sometimes lying on the road can add richness to the theme.


For Romance Lovers: Umbrella Concept

Umbrellas are used quite often in wedding outdoor shoots. Umbrella photos with the right colors and background can be a good choice for romantic lovers. The concept of the bride and groom hiding behind the umbrella can provide ideal frames. Especially if you want to shoot in rainy weather, unimaginable color images may appear.


For Those Who Adore Naturalness: Natural Attraction Concept

Natural wedding photos, which have recently become fashionable, are among the concepts most preferred by couples who favor naturalness. Colorful images can be obtained with the weather conditions that occur outside in autumn. Natural shot photos can be embellished with various accessories and details. With accessories such as coats, jackets, shawls and hats worn in cool weather, a bohemian atmosphere can be added to the photographs and natural and artistic images can be obtained.


Utilized Old Buildings: Mystical Wedding Concept

The mystical wedding concept is used quite often as another intriguing autumn concept. Buildings with an old and gothic feel, encountered in exterior shots, can be used as a background theme. The harmony created by the brown tones of authentic and wooden structures with trees and leaves can provide you with magnificent backgrounds. If this concept is realized in the side streets with historical buildings in the city, mystical and intriguing frames can be captured.


The Choice of Couples with an Interest in Horses: Horse Riding Concept

Photographs taken on horseback at autumn weddings provide very successful shots. A couple taking a little horseback ride in a tree-covered forest area can make an unforgettable fall wedding photo theme when the couple comes out of the bushes. By adding different accessories to the photographs, the concept can be enriched and striking images can be obtained.


Every Wedding Has a Story: Story Concept

The story concept can be a different idea as one of the extraordinary concepts that can be used in the autumn months. A story can be told with photo frames by determining a scenario for outdoor shootings. Nature and city themes can be used together in the stories. Especially in the autumn months, interesting and colorful images that appear outside can be supportive for creating a great story concept. Frames reflecting your experiences from the time your love blossomed to your wedding day can be a great option for your photo album.


An Ideal Idea for Nature Lovers: Camp Concept

The camping concept can be a good choice especially for couples who love being in nature and nature sports. Photos taken in a tent or caravan with nature scenery in the background can create artistic frames. Options can be increased with interior shots to be made in the trailer and additional accessories that will enrich the view. Accessories such as coats, jackets, hats, blankets, hammocks to be used in the camping concept can add naturalness and unusualness to photographs.


Indispensable for Every Season: Bicycle Concept

Bicycle is among the photography concepts suitable for all seasons. Exciting shots can be obtained with the concept of a bicycle tour, where the bride and groom will take the magnificent autumn and city views behind them. The concept can be enriched with photos to be taken next to the bike. By using this concept in rainy weather, romantic poses can be achieved and creative ideas can come up.


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