Let's Get to Know Samsun's Most Popular Flavors!

Samsun, which has been an important settlement center for centuries, bears traces of different civilizations. This deep-rooted history of Samsun brings with it a rich culinary culture. Thus, the city gains diversity by feeding on Anatolian, Black Sea, Balkan, and Caucasian cuisines.

Among the unique dishes of the city, plants and herbs have a special place, as in the Black Sea region. While soups and pickles accompany herbs, delicious pitas are effective in giving the city cuisine a characteristic structure. Here are the favorite flavors of Samsun that will certainly leave a mark on your palate!

Türkiye’s Most Well Known: Bafra Pita

Bafra pita, which cannot be considered apart from Samsun, is a kind of symbol of the city! Bafra pita is prepared with plenty of minced meat, black pepper and onion filling and hot pepper is also added upon request. Then the pita is baked in a closed, long, and thin form. It gains a different flavor as it is cooked over a wood fire.

The fame of Bafra pita, which is an indispensable part of Sunday breakfasts in Samsun and can be found on almost every corner, has gone beyond the borders of the city! For this reason, Bafra pita is a Samsun delicacy that is a favorite with local and foreign tourists.


Rich in Iron: Spinach Soup

Spinach soup, which is indispensable, especially during the winter months, is a very healthy dish that is rich in iron. This delicious soup, which is a harmonious combination of spinach with flour, milk, eggs, and rice, can be made using water or yogurt instead of milk if preferred. At the same time, chicken meat can be added to the soup to add flavor to the spinach soup.


A Cultural Heritage: Kaz Tiridi

Kaz Tiridi, which is at the top of the list among Samsun's most popular delicacies, is a special dish that dates back from the past to the present. The most important aspect of this feast of taste is that it is made from specially raised geese.

To prepare Kaz Tiridi, first, boil the goose meat until it becomes very soft. Then, the phyllo dough is lightly cooked and to add flavor, the phyllo dough is dipped in the goose meat juice and placed on the tray. As the last step, it is topped with bulgur pilaf and goose meat.


For Those Who Love Open Pita: Terme Pita

Terme pita, which takes its name from a district of the city like Bafra pita, is one of the flavors that managed to exceed the borders of Samsun! Unlike Bafra pita, Terme pita, which is made in an open and flat shape, is cooked over an oak wood fire.

Terme pita, whose recipe is kept a secret by its masters, is made with small pieces of casseroled meat, ground beef and kashar. In this respect, pita manages to touch different tastes with great mastery.

Sweet and Satisfying: Bafra Nokulu

Nokul, which is also built in some cities such as Isparta and Sinop, has a long history. In ancient times, it was often preferred by people who went on journeys because it was especially filling and kept people full for a long time. Another plus is that the nokul does not go stale for a very long time! The biggest difference between Bafra nokulu from a nokul that is made in other cities is that Bafra nokul has walnuts and grapes that are used as a sweetener.

A Local Look at Mantı: Samsun Mantı

Mantı, one of the most popular dishes of Turkish cuisine, takes on a characteristic form in Samsun! Samsun mantı is actually made by adding ground beef stuffing, just like the mantı that we are familiar with. The detail that makes Samsun mantı different from the others is that it shows its differentiation after it is cooked. Samsun mantı gets mixed with white cheese and walnuts after it is cooked, becomes a flavor that is unique to the city. In this way, it allows you to meet a familiar yet different taste.


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