Gift Ideas You Can Give to Your Children on April 23

April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day is an international holiday gifted to children in our country and all over the world by Atatürk. On this holiday, which all children are eagerly waiting for, families seek to buy various gifts for their children to celebrate this holiday. We have made a list of what gifts can be bought for children on April 23.


You Can Choose Fun and Educational Gifts

Choosing books that are suitable for the meaning and importance of this day and gifting them to children can be both a fun and salutary option. Stories that will make children read with enthusiasm might contribute to the habit of reading books.

In addition, you can choose board games and puzzle sets to have a pleasant time with your children at home. You can spend quality time with your child while doing puzzles. Moreover, puzzles also contribute to the development of children's visual memory.

Board games with many different options might also be a fun gift choice for April 23. The games that can be chosen by considering the children’s interests allow them to have a pleasant time, acquire new information and improve their abilities.


You Can Purchase Toys or Go on a Cultural Trip

You may also save the presents that your children have waited to have for a long time for today. Toys that may interest them, technological products and other items they want to have can be among the gifts that will make them happy.

In addition to purchasing presents, turning this meaningful day into a cultural trip can be a great alternative. You can visit the popular places in the city where you live. If you live in Istanbul or travel to Istanbul often, you can visit the Toy Museum. Your child's imagination will expand as you see different toys in the museum plus it will allow them to have a pleasant time while being in a museum full of toys. 


You Can Visit Children's Theater and Musical

On April 23, you can visit a children's theater or a musical with your child. Thus, you will have a pleasant time together and you will have an activity that supports your child's imagination and their artistic side. Theater contributes to culture and art indisputably, therefore encouraging your child at a young age for the theater also contributes to their personal development. It can be extremely pleasant for your whole family to create new memories while celebrating Children's Day.


You Can Introduce Your Child to a New Musical Instrument

Being interested in a musical instrument has a positive psychological effect on your child. Learning to play a musical instrument or attending a music course from childhood benefits them in the future. You can give your child a musical instrument or enroll them in a music course on April 23. Like many children who are eager to gain new experiences, we are sure that your child will be happy.


You Can Buy Them New Outfits, Costumes, or Accessories

It can be the clothes that all children would love to have when they were little. These are often the costumes or dresses of a hero from a movie that your child watches. April 23 Children's Day is the right time to give them the clothes they want. If you are looking for a different gift for your child, you can browse superhero costumes and find creative costumes or accessories for your child's interests. If your child has a dress that they designed, you can have it sewn by the tailor and give them a surprise they will never forget.


The Address for Entertainment: Elite World Grand Sapanca

One of the best gifts for April 23 Children's Day can be to make a travel plan with your child. You and your kids will be very pleased to stay in a comfortable hotel while turning the weekend into a fun activity. Sapanca is one of the options that can provide you with a pleasant time with its natural beauty and fun activity options.

Entertaining programs prepared with Gymboree-Kids Club at Elite World Grand Sapanca invite you to new experiences in the magnificent beauty of nature. Thanks to the special cooperation with Gymboree, you can provide your child with unique experiences. While your child participates in many activities organized in an environment surrounded by nature in Sapanca, you can benefit from spa and massage services. A fun and enjoyable holiday is waiting for you at Elite World Grand Sapanca!


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