Benefits of Nature Activities for Children's Development

The first contact that children establish with their environment begins in the family and home. This interaction, which spread to streets, parks, and schools over time, is very important for their development. Another environment that supports the physical and spiritual development of children is nature. It is an invaluable treasure, especially for them to better perceive their environment and interact with other living things. Nature activities, on the other hand, are effective in many aspects, from gaining empathy before reinforcing the curiosity of the little ones, from motor skills to socialization. Now, let's have a look at the benefits of nature activities for the development of children.


Develops Children's Observation, Comprehension and Analysis Skills

Undoubtedly, childhood is the period when people are most skeptical and curious about their environment. When children meet nature, they try to observe, understand, and explore it. When they come into contact with nature, they follow the movements of animals, try to understand the sounds they make and connect with trees and plants by touching them. Thus, children's observation, comprehension and analysis skills develop.

The little ones make various inferences by examining nature. For example, by watching the work of ants and bees, they can grasp the importance of work and solidarity. With their observation skills, they can perceive the characteristics of trees and flowers. They develop their vocabulary by learning the names of beings in nature.


Supports Children's Motor Skills and Physical Development

All kinds of sports, races and other group activities in nature improve children's motor skills. In outdoor games, the little ones learn to balance and control their hand, arm, and eye movements. By spending time in nature, they can discover how resistant they are to physical conditions.

Nature activities are usually held in areas where there is plenty of oxygen and on relatively sunny days. In this way, children breathe fresh air, renew their energy by stepping on the ground and store plenty of vitamin D thanks to sunlight. Especially since they move a lot in activities such as climbing, jumping, and running, the musculoskeletal systems of the little ones show healthy development. In addition, as their flexibility increases, their susceptibility to various sports also increases.


Increases Children's Self-Confidence

The activities that children participate in nature provide various opportunities for them to increase their self-confidence. Leading the team in the games they play as a group, reasoning about the problems they face, or contributing to the activity they are doing makes them feel more valuable. Taking responsibility and taking on various tasks and overcoming difficulties allows them to realize how successful they are.


Helps Children to Socialize

The games that children play in groups in nature activities create situations where they socialize and unite around the same goal. Children learn the feeling of sharing, communicating in a healthy way, congratulating the opposing team in games and being gentlemanly and understanding. These good habits that the little ones acquire contribute to their being more extroverted individuals in the later stages of their lives.


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