Chlorophyll, which has recently found a place in skin care and nutritional routines, is one of the topics that many people wonder about. As you will remember from biology class, chlorophyll is a biological pigment that gives plants their green color. Of course, it doesn't just give the plant its green color. While it ensures the growth and survival of the plant, it also mediates the realization of photosynthesis. In fact, we can say that chlorophyll is the source of life on earth because it absorbs sunlight and converts it into energy. So, how should we consume this biological pigment, which is very valuable for our world? Which foods contain chlorophyll and what are the benefits of chlorophyll to our body? Here are the answers!


How Should You Consume Chlorophyll?

Klorofili Nasıl Tüketmelisiniz

You do not need to make an extra effort to consume chlorophyll. To reach chlorophyll, which is already present in all green plants, it is enough to increase your vegetable consumption. Adding green plants to every meal gives you access to chlorophyll. You can also juice the vegetables if you would like. There are also versions of chlorophyll in liquid or tablet form. To consume them, you must consult your doctor.


What are the Benefits of Chlorophyll That It Presents?

Chlorophyll is very important not only for plants but also for human health. Here are the benefits of chlorophyll:


1. It Increases Your Red Blood Cell Count

The chemical structure of chlorophyll is similar to hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is an important immune cell that helps transport oxygen. As such, chlorophyll can help increase the hemoglobin count. Depending on the increase in the number of hemoglobin, the amount of oxygen in the blood also increases, thus strengthening the immune system. If you have a hemoglobin deficiency problem, you can consult your doctor and apply for chlorophyll supplementation.


2. It is Anti-Aging

Chlorophyll also appears to have benefits on the skin. Applying a gel containing chlorophyll to the skin contributes to the reduction of the effects of aging. At the same time, the external application of chlorophyll, which is observed to have an effect on acne and large pores, is also very useful. Considering that healing starts from the inside, the consumption of green vegetables is also important.


3. Helps to Lose Weight

The juices of foods containing chlorophyll can also be consumed for detox purposes. Consuming plant juice regularly helps to lose weight and also contributes to the reduction of harmful cholesterol. Chlorophyll, which also helps to clean the intestines, can support you in the processes you struggle with water retention problems.


4. Effective on Body Odor

Chlorophyll also has a deodorant effect. Especially consuming the liquid form can help reduce body odor. Because of this feature, chlorophyll is included in some deodorants and mouthwashes. Foods containing chlorophyll also help prevent bad breath and freshen your breath. For example, the freshness of your mouth when you eat parsley is due to the chlorophyll it contains.


What Are The Chlorophyll-Rich Foods?

Klorofil Zengini Besinler Neler

Many foods that has a green color are rich in chlorophyll. Some of those:

  • Spinach
  • Parsley
  • Broccoli
  • Lettuce
  • Green Cabbage
  • Asparagus
  • Mustard Leaves
  • Green Beans
  • Chickpeas


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Vitamin bar

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