All You Need to Know About Taking an ATV Safari Tour in Sapanca

There are many different activities to get away from the stress of daily life and have fun. ATV safari tour that is full of adventure and fun is one of them! ATV safari tours can be done in different locations. Sapanca's magnificent nature also provides a suitable environment for an ATV safari tour. If you have questions about taking an ATV safari tour in Sapanca, then let's have a look at what you are curious about the tour!

ATV Safari Tour 101: What is it and how is it done?

ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles), which are four-wheeled and designed for off-road conditions, are preferred for adventurous times in nature. With the ATV tour, you can enjoy an adrenaline-filled activity by passing through rough roads in nature, speeding up and taking part in steep or inclined tracks.

ATV safari tour takes place in a natural area, usually with a guide and in a group. After the terrain introduction and driving exercises, the safari tour begins. The tour, completed through various tracks, helps you experience moments that are full of adrenaline and fun.

The duration of the safari tour may vary depending on the track and land conditions. You can join the ATV tour alone or with your friends. In Sapanca, which has wonderful nature, you can increase your excitement while witnessing the beauty of nature with a tour among the trees accompanied by mountain views!


Who Can Join the ATV Safari Tour and What is the Required Equipment?

A driver's license is generally not required to participate in an ATV safari tour. However, you should remember that this condition may vary depending on the tour operator. In addition, it is extremely important for those who have a disease or are pregnant to get detailed information about the tour and find out whether the track is suitable for them!

You need to choose comfortable clothes when participating in ATV safari tours, which allow you to have a driving experience in touch with nature. Wearing clothes and shoes that are protected against external factors such as rain, mud and dust will make you feel comfortable throughout the tour.

It is recommended to wear a helmet and protective equipment for a safe experience. You can also use equipment such as sunglasses, a protective mask, and gloves for your personal comfort. In the rugged terrains of Sapanca, you may want to take out your accessories so that they don't fall and get lost during the tour.


In Which Season Should the ATV Safari Tour Be Done in Sapanca?

Although it varies depending on personal preferences, the generally preferred seasons for ATV tours are spring and summer. You can enjoy the tour to the fullest with the warm weather and visual feast as nature awakens in spring. However, an enjoyable tour can also be experienced in autumn, when the weather is completely cold.

Sapanca is a place where outdoor activities are common. The demand for these activities generally increases in spring and summer. Those who would like to enjoy the beautiful weather get to have pleasant moments with the ATV safari tour. In autumn and winter, safari tours are not preferred because the weather is generally cold.


How’s the ATV Safari Experience in Sapanca?

Due to its geographical location, Sapanca generally consists of mountainous and forested lands. This ensures that ATV safari tours are full of excitement. ATV vehicles, which can be used in difficult and rugged terrains, are extremely suitable for the nature of Sapanca.

At the same time, Lake Sapanca, located in the region, can accompany you on a safari tour with its natural beauty. While taking an ATV safari tour, you can wander around the lands around the lake and have an adventurous experience. If you would like to explore nature with an adrenaline-filled safari tour that is accompanied by beautiful weather, Sapanca may be a suitable option for you.


Address of Adventurous ATV Safari Tour: Elite World Grand Sapanca Adventure Park

If you would like to take an ATV safari tour in Sapanca, Adventure Park is the address that will please you! Located in Elite World Grand Sapanca, Adventure Park welcomes you with its adventure and fun-filled activities. You can experience exciting moments with many different activities such as ATV and UTV safaris, trekking and lake tours, outdoor range shooting and treasure hunts. In Sapanca which is the place where green and blue unite, you can feed your adrenaline passion by enjoying being close to the lake and in touch with nature.

If you would like to have a pleasant time at Adventure Park, which offers different experiences with nature sports and activities, you can contact Elite World Grand Sapanca right away for more information!


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