9 Amazing Things You Can Do at Kadıköy

Kadıköy is an ancient Chalcedon settlement that hosted important meetings of the Christian world in the 5th century AD. This historical texture makes itself felt by the people of the region even today. Kadıköy, which is the most popular district of the Anatolian Side, has been developing rapidly, especially in recent years and not only with its wide streets, shopping opportunities and beautiful beaches but also with its yacht clubs and marinas, it offers various beauties to many people today.

People are divided into those who love Kadıköy and those who love Taksim. :) Because people who love Kadıköy are so happy in their neighborhood that they don't even need to visit the European side. Well, when we look at what we can do in Kadıköy, they are not wrong at all. Let's check out 9 amazing activities that you can do in Kadıköy on the same day.


1. Discovering Scrumptious Desserts at Asuman Chocolate

Asuman Chocolate has become a flavor stop that we can call the apple of the eye of Kadıköy in recent years. You can sit here and enjoy your day by choosing from a variety of desserts. When you finish off the dessert, don't forget to have a cup of tea against the street view of Kadıköy!


2. Lying on the Grass and Enjoying at Moda or Caddebostan Beach

If you are in Kadıköy, you have many options to put your feet on the grass and get rid of all your negative energy. For this, there are only two of them, which are Moda and Caddebostan beaches. Enjoy the sea view and the crowd, whether you're walking on the beach or sipping a cold beverage on the grass. Attention, you may come across a cat or dog with sweet eyes at any time! :)


3. Take a Quick Neighborhood Tour by Riding the Nostalgic Tramways

One of the things that make Kadıköy is undoubtedly the nostalgic tramways. Another thing that is as delightful as walking to Moda is shortening that road with this tramway. In warm weather, hop on the tramway and take a quick neighborhood tour from Bahariye to Moda. Don't forget to include your cold beverages in your trip in this wonderful weather!


4. Attending to a Lovely Event at Süreyya Opera House

You should certainly see the inside of the lovely and pleasant environment of Süreyya Opera House, where the heart of art beats in Kadıköy and experience the activities that will add tranquility to your day. When you leave the Süreyya Opera House, you will witness that you will have completely different emotions running around.


5. Joining the Nightlife

Kadıköy is beautiful both during the day and at night. Furthermore, you have many options for this. Rather you like to take your time and sit in a peaceful place or enjoy the day in harmony with the music sounds blending into the crowd.


6. Capturing Colorful Frames at Confectioner Cafer Erol

You should certainly visit Confectioner Cafer Erol (Şekerci Cafer Erol) with its bright and colorful decorations. On top of that, it would be nice if you could capture beautiful frames and post them on social media! Their candies are also very delicious!


7. Walking and Shopping on Bağdat Street

Each corner of Kadıköy is gorgeous in its own way. Bağdat Street is one of them. It offers you both a pleasant breakfast, eating and drinking opportunities and unlimited shopping. Meaning it has everything you are looking for. Therefore, when you visit Kadıköy, you should not come back without strolling around Bağdat Street. Furthermore, you do not need to go to eat, drink or go shopping, even just walking for the purpose of taking a tour gives a lot of pleasure.


8. Visiting the Antique Shops, Bookstores and Places Selling Old Books on Tellalzade Street

This street, also known as Antique Shop Street, is one of the most gorgeous streets of Kadıköy. You can sit for hours in the tea shop at the entrance of the street, feel the breeze and watch this very colorful and vibrant street. You can also visit the many antique shops on the street and buy old books, old photographs, and old silver jewelry for a little cost.


9. Visiting the Barış Manço Museum

One of the first names that come to mind when Kadıköy district is mentioned is Barış Manço. Barış Manço Museum, located in Moda, is the house where the artist once lived, raised his children, and produced his works. Inside the museum, there are personal belongings, paintings he made, antiques he collected and many nostalgic details. Touring this museum while playing a Barış Manço song on your headphones will make you very emotional!


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