The Story and Progress of Coffee from Past to Present

Would you like to have a look at the culture and aromatic journey of coffee, which is one of the most consumed beverages with the delicious taste it leaves on the palate? Originally consumed only in Ethiopia, coffee has been spread all over the world and became a popular beverage. Let's have a look at the journey of a coffee bean, how it works on people, how it is part of our rituals, how it encourages creativity and how it is integrated into our daily lives.


Bitter Fruit That Goats Like to Consume Where Is Discovered by a Shepherd 

Although the first appearance of coffee is not known exactly, according to the sources, the place where it was discovered is the Kaffa region of Ethiopia. Goats that are pastured by a shepherd named Kaldi become more energetic when they eat the fruit of a tree. Realizing the situation and wondering about this fruit that has been eaten by goats, Kaldi sees that he also becomes energetic and active. Thereupon, he tells the monks who are in charge of the monastery about the fruit. However, the monks find the taste of the fruit bitter, and they decide to throw the coffee fruits into the fire. This is how the roasting story of coffee begins.


Monks Discover the Aroma of Coffee

Coffee berries that had been thrown into the fire emit such a beautiful fragrance that the monks decide to prepare a drink from these fruits. The chief dervish prepares a drink from the roasted fruits and then all the monks take turns drinking this beverage. Coffee keeps monks up all night and monks pray together all night.

Thanks to the monks, the fame of coffee spread to the whole Arabian Peninsula. It started to be produced in Yemen in 1000 AD. Coffee, which has become widespread in the Arabian Peninsula, is known as Islamic wine among Persians. Coffee produced and consumed in this region from the 11th century to the 15th century began to enter the Ottoman lands from the 15th century to Egypt and Iran and from the 16th century to the Ottoman Empire.


Coffee Comes from Yemen 

The historical framework of the folk song "Kahve Yemen'den Gelir" dates back to the 16th century. During the reign of Özdemir Pasha, who was the governor of Yemen in those years, the taste of coffee was presented to the Ottoman palace. With this event, the coffee trade started from Yemen to Istanbul for the first time in history. Over time, coffee became one of the most valuable drinks of the palace and it started to be prepared by forty coffee experts. In fact, the manager of this expert team is referred to as "Kahvecibaşı".

Coffee, which is very popular among people, also enters coffee houses where people meet and chat, talk about current issues, play chess, and backgammon and read books. Western travelers coming to Anatolia and the Middle East make this black drink known in their own countries.


Europe Meets Coffee via Venetian Merchants

In 1615, Venetian merchants carried their first sacks of coffee to Western Europe, thanks to their trade with the Ottomans. Coffee's unique aroma and fascinating effects allow it to spread rapidly in Europe. Dutch and English sailors, on the other hand, had the opportunity to export this plant from all colonial regions around the world. When the Ottomans withdrew from the region during the Battle of Vienna in 1683, 500 sacks of green coffee beans were left behind. When it was understood that the seeds that were thought to be camel food at first were coffee, coffee began to be consumed in Austria.

Coffee became so popular among European artists and writers that Beethoven, Mozart, Voltaire, and Balzac became intellectuals with their passion for coffee.


Coffee Spreads All Around the World in the 20th Century

By the 20th century, coffee was now recognized by a wider audience. In 1901, the water-soluble form of coffee was found. This new type of instant coffee went on sale globally in 1938. In this way, coffee becomes one of the drinks that we can't give up with its unique smell, aroma, and taste.


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