Interesting Facts About the Tourism Industry and Hotels Around the World

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Exploring the world, meeting different cultures and sailing for new adventures is in human nature. One of the elements that make this unique life journey special is undoubtedly going to places with interesting rules and hotels with different concepts. Let's have a look at the magical world of extraordinary tourism types and hotels.


Adrenaline Rush with Ghost Tourism

Although everyone thinks of seeing natural and cultural beauties or having a seaside holiday at first when it comes to tourism, there are quite interesting types of tourism. Ghost tourism is one of those extraordinary types of tourism, promises a travel and entertainment experience to people who aim to encounter ghosts or unforgettable interesting things. Hotels that claim to be haunted and companies that claim to offer ghost walks and ghost hunts manage to attract the attention of many people. Ghost tourism, which is very common, especially among the British and Scots, is also very popular in America and South Korea. Borley Rectory is the first house where ghost tourism took place. Nagwon-dong neighborhood, which was declared a haunted neighborhood by Korean police in the 1920s, is one of the places where we can give an example of ghost tourism.


Confronting Agony with Dark Tourism

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This concept, introduced in 1996, became even more interesting, especially after TV series such as Chernobyl and Dark Tourist. Thanks to this tourism, which aims to visit places where shameful events took place in human history, you can visit places where tragic events such as genocide, natural disasters and war took place, accompanied by a guide. As examples of dark tourism destinations, we can show Auschwitz, the Killing Fields in Cambodia, Chernobyl, and Hiroshima.


Giraffe Manor Hotel, Home to Giraffes

Giraffe Manor, located in Nairobi, Kenya, is home to endangered Rothschild giraffes. The windows of the hotel, which is located in a forest area, are kept open so that the giraffes can reach to the treats. If you see giraffes accompanying your meal when you go to Giraffe Manor, don't forget to take a picture as a sweet souvenir.


Ark Lodge for Watching the Wild Animal 

Ark Lodge offers a hotel concept that brings the safari experience to those who cannot go on a safari. Located in Aberdare National Park, the hotel offers the opportunity to observe wild animals living around the Yasabara waterhole. You can go to the observation terrace with your favorite beverage and see the animals in their natural habitat.


The Modern Version of Hobbit Homes, SiloStay

SiloStay, located in Christchurch, New Zealand, can be considered a modern version of Hobbit Homes. Designed in the form of a Silo, these apartments have an environmentally friendly and very stylish design. You can have an interesting accommodation experience at the hotel, which also has a balcony.


Dog Bark Park Inn for Dog Lovers

In this hotel located in Cottonwood, USA, all designs are based on the dog themed. The hotel has a concept where everything is dog-themed, from dog-shaped beds to cookies. If you really love dogs, this hotel is for you!


Manta Resort for Unique Accommodation in the Middle of the Ocean

Would you like to stay in Zanzibar, a piece of heaven, in the middle of the endless ocean? If your answer is "Yes!", you should definitely check out the Manta Resort. The most appealing feature that makes this hotel different from others is that its rooms are underwater. You can watch sea creatures from your window all day long or have a unique experience with scuba diving as you wish.


Rotel for Those Who Want a Hotel on Wheels

This interesting concept, developed by the German company Rotel, which has been active since 1945, aims to take its guests around rooms, sometimes small and sometimes very large, in specially made trucks. It promises a unique holiday by traveling and stopping at certain points. If you would like to go to India from Europe, you can set off with Rotel.


Hotel Costa Verde for Accommodation Experience Inside the Fuselage

The fuselage of the hotel located in the Central American country of Costa Rica is a Boeing 727 plane which is dated 1965. The aircraft hotel, whose interior is designed with wooden materials, has rooms of 50 square meters. There is an observation deck at the back of the plane where you can have fun all day long. Hotel Costa Verde is an ideal choice for a wonderful holiday with ocean and forest views.


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