Turkey's Most Enjoyable Autumn Routes

Turkey's Most Enjoyable Autumn Routes

It is impossible not to admire autumn, the season where you can see different colors of nature altogether, the air whispers in your ear with its slight coolness and invites you to wear your favorite sweater as you set out to explore. In this slightly cool but at the same time soul-warming season of the year, some destinations are ideal for those who want to see natural beauties and discover authentic experiences. So, pack your bags, grab your camera, and prepare yourself for new adventures because we are inviting you to discover Turkey's most enjoyable autumn routes!


Autumn Walk Among the Fairy Chimneys: Cappadocia

In the Central Anatolia region, there is a natural wonder that has been formed over thousands of years: fairy chimneys. Fairy chimneys with their fairy-tale beauty that is too good to be true, are way more appealing during the autumn season, even though they are visited any season of the year. Imagine an environment where you can watch the land from a bird's eye view from above, sip your coffee on cloudy days when the air is slightly chill and take a sip out of your drink against the sunset while watching the balloons floating in the sky! If you want to add some cultural and historical activities to this romantic atmosphere, don't worry.

The Cappadocia region, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, has a rich history with the valleys of Ihlara, Göreme and Avanos. The region, which is a complete cultural mosaic with the Dark Church and Göreme Open Air Museum, is one of the places that has been visited by everyone, especially couples and photography enthusiasts.


A Treasure That Has Been Embraced by The Rivers: İğneada Longoz Forests

İğneada Longoz Forests is located within the borders of Kırklareli and has the distinction of being the largest longoz forest in Europe. This is a unique treasure that hosts the mysterious world of various animals and endemic plants. The Hamam Lake is one of the four lakes that is hidden in the forest, fascinating with its clear waters and enchanting natural surroundings.

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, you should consider climbing Mono Petra Cliffs. When you look into the forest from this high point, you can enjoy observing the magnificent harmony of nature from the top. On the other hand, İğneada is famous not only for its forests but also for its magnificent beach. With its long and wide sandy beach and clear sea, it offers its visitors a quiet break. Those who want to experience an interesting and mystical adventure should not forget to explore the mysterious underground world of Dupnisa Cave.


A Destination That Rests Your Soul: Abant

Abant and its surroundings are one of the first places that come to mind when Bolu is mentioned, where it's flooded with visitors in autumn. Located 35 km southwest of Bolu Center, Abant offers all the beauties of mountain, forest, and lake views. In Abant, you can have a nice breakfast that is accompanied by a forest view with color tones ranging from green to yellow and red. Afterward, you can go for a walk or ride a bike around the lake.

You can take postcard photos by diving deep into the forest and relaxing both your body and soul thanks to its oxygen-rich air. You can also have a romantic and peaceful time by taking a boat tour with your loved ones on the lake.


A Place Where the History and Sea Unite: Amasra

Home to many civilizations with a history of nearly 3 thousand years, Amasra is a quiet but fascinating Black Sea town that is built on a peninsula, where green and blue dance in unique harmony. Amasra, which is visited any season of the year, attracts everyone with its delicious fish that you can taste in autumn, its famous salad with plenty of ingredients and the rough waves of the Black Sea. Genoa Castle, Amasra Castle and Genoese Coats of Arms add a Medieval European atmosphere to the city. Surrounded by the forest areas, the peninsula offers you postcard-worthy views with its face turning red and yellow in the autumn season.

Unlike typical Black Sea cities, you can experience a more serene fishing town atmosphere in Amasra. You can taste hermit crab and sea snail, called moluska which is what is called by the locals, at the restaurants where you can sit in the evenings.


A Legend Mountain: Kaz Mountains

Located in the north of the Edremit Gulf and only 4 hours away from Istanbul, the Kaz Mountains continue to exist from ancient times to the present day. With its Zeus Altar which is located in the Adatepe village at the entrance of the mountain, its oxygen-rich forests, waterfalls and peaceful view, Kaz Mountains is one of the best routes to visit in autumn. Kaz Mountains, which was protected with National Park status in 1993, hosts many endemic plants and animals.

You can start the day with plenty of oxygen in the Kaz Mountains, where you can stay by pitching a tent in autumn, have breakfast alone with nature and immerse yourself in the beauty of Hasan Boğuldu Waterfall, where a sad love story takes place.


An Unforgettable Autumn Holiday in the Heart of Nature: Elite World Grand Sapanca

Sapanca is one of the destinations where nature generously displays all its beauty in autumn. It promises you unforgettable moments with its peaceful atmosphere and magnificent beauty. So, would you like to experience a luxury accommodation that offers many privileges, where you can spend time without leaving nature in autumn? If your answer is "Yes!" well then Elite World Grand Sapanca is the right place for you! Elite World Grand Sapanca, located in the heart of nature, where tranquility and entertainment unite in a perfect balance, offers its guests unforgettable moments with its comfortable rooms that are inspired by nature.

The charming atmosphere of Elite World Grand Sapanca goes beyond offering a relaxing and entertaining accommodation experience. Fit Life SPA & Wellness, which operates within its premises, elevates your mood with its programs that enable you to refresh physically and spiritually. Adventure Park, on the other hand, hosts adrenaline-filled activities such as ATV safari, forest hikes and bicycle tours that are accompanied by the fallen leaves. If you desire not only a dream holiday but also to explore nature in autumn, you can contact Elite World Grand Sapanca and make a reservation right away.

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