The Best Shooting Areas to Go to the Shooting Range

The Best Shooting Areas to Go to the Shooting Range

If you are interested in shooting sports and regularly go to the shooting range, you do not want to hinder your sports schedule during your holidays to get away from the chaos of the city. Therefore, while browsing the facilities of the hotel you will choose, you should pay attention to whether there is a shooting range in the hotel. So, which hotels have a shooting range? Where are the best shooting ranges to go to the range? Let's get to know shooting better before moving on to the answers to these questions.


What is Shooting?

Shooting is a sport in which firearms are used and aimed to make the best shot at a fixed or moving target. In the 16th century, it started to be carried out in England and Northern European countries with the focus of "making the best shot" and gained a sporting quality over time. Although it was a sport that appealed only to the upper class in the past, today anyone can be interested in shooting.

If you want to shoot professionally or even participate in competitions, you need to work regularly with a trainer. At this point, it should be noted that it is very important to start sports at a young age. However, if you are interested in shooting as a hobby and want to shoot regularly or whenever you want, it is enough to go to a good range where the necessary safety measures are taken. Thus, you can learn the basics of this sport with the guidance of the range officers there.


What is a Shooting Range?

You may be wondering what the word “range” is, which can also be called “shooting range”. Ranges are generally facilities that can be shot with firearms and sometimes with arrows. These facilities can be indoors or oudoors.

Outdoor shooting ranges are located in areas far from residential areas due to safety and noise concerns. These areas are usually shot with rifles. Indoor shooting ranges, where different types of guns are preferred, are preferred especially in cities. Effective sound insulation in these areas, which are close to residential areas, is very important. In addition, in indoor shooting ranges, a ventilation system must be present in order to prevent the smell of gunpowder from accumulating inside.


What should be considered while shooting at the range?

Although shooting is seen as a dangerous sport by some people, it can be safer than many sports if the necessary precautions are taken. So, what should you pay attention to when shooting?

  • You must follow all the instructions of the officer at the range.
  • Before you start shooting, you should wear goggles to protect your eyes and headphones to avoid damage from loud noise.
  • You should only start shooting after the range officer gives the command to “Fire”.
  • You must stop shooting when you hear the command “Cease fire”. This command can be given not only by the officer but also by anyone who needs it in terms of security.
  • You should not go towards the target to check your shots unless the range officer has approved.
  • You should always aim the gun at the target while on the firing line. Even as a joke, you should not turn the muzzle on any living thing.
  • You must notify the range officer about your gun stiffness. You should never try to solve a problem by yourself.
  • You can shoot safely when you follow these rules and other rules applied in the range if any.


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