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Each society has its unique traditions that have been going on for years. Preserving and preserving these traditions from generation to generation is a cycle that keeps communities alive. Perhaps the subject that has the most place in the practices is the holidays! Every religion and society has its holidays celebrated in its own way. The oldest and most important holiday of Christianity is Easter! Let's take a look at the evolution of Easter, which is engraved with cheerful eggs and bunny figures!


What Does Easter Mean?

Derived from converting the Hebrew word Passover to Aramaic, Easter means "pass without touching." There are also views that he referred to the Israelites' escape from their captivity in Egypt. Today's word as Easter in English is derived from Eostur in the Germanic Calendar, meaning the month of April. This word takes its name from the goddess Eostre, representing the Pagans' rebirth and the rising sun.

Easter, known with different names and meanings in every society, entered Turkish by deriving from the Greek word Pashalia.


What is Easter?

Easter, the oldest holiday of Christians, is celebrated as the resurrection of Jesus 3 days after his crucifixion. Easter is celebrated on different dates and with various traditions in each church, a 5-week "Lent" period and a holiday on Sunday after the last week of "Holy Week."

Although the period of Lent differs according to churches, the primary purpose is to prepare himself for Easter by fasting and to return to the way of Christ by purifying himself from worldly needs. In Holy Week, Thursday is called the "Holy Mourning" day because of Jesus' crucifixion after the last supper, while Sunday is called the "Holy Resurrection" day. Different names such as Kıyam Feast, Resurrection Day, and Diriliş Pazarı are also used.


When Is Easter Celebrated?

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The Eastern and Western churches use different Easter dates, which do not have a fixed day. Since Christians in Anatolia consider the 14th day after the first full moon of spring as the day on which Jesus was crucified, they think of the following three days as Easter.

In western churches, it is regarded as the first Sunday after Jesus was crucified. Easter, which is celebrated from the end of March to the end of April, is generally celebrated on the Sunday after the first full moon from the spring equinox, the 21st of March.


What are the Easter traditions?

Although Easter is celebrated with different rituals in every church, it is also celebrated with various meals. Candles are lit, prayers are offered, and food is eaten. In addition to the special Easter donuts, Easter chocolates, and cakes of different shapes, perhaps the most important symbol of Easter is colored eggs.

Easter is a public holiday for Christians. Shops and shops will be closed on this holiday. Masses are held in churches, and large breakfast tables are prepared in homes. The families keep specially crafted eggs and chocolates in various parts of the house, and the children try to find these hidden Easter symbols. In summary, if you see a kid looking for something in his garden on Easter day, know that he is after these cheerful eggs!


What Do Easter Eggs Mean?

The egg has been seen as a symbol of the beginning of life and rebirth since ancient times. Since Easter is also celebrated as the resurrection of Christ, the egg is one of the most important symbols of this holiday. There's also a reason why boiled eggs have dyed a variety of colors! The cheerful colors used in the painting reflect the joy caused by the resurrection of Jesus, while the red color used in almost every image references the blood of Jesus spilled on the cross. While the hard shell of the egg symbolizes the sealed tomb of Christ, the cracking of the eggshell symbolizes the rebirth of Jesus.

Rabbit figures, one of the other symbols of Easter, are also related to birth. Known for its fast breeding habits, the rabbit represents birth and life on Easter.


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