Many people are occasionally attracted to different types of diets for a variety of reasons. One of the diet types that has become increasingly common in recent years is the detox diet. This type of diet, which is frequently included in morning programs, nutritionists, and social media programs; basically, prioritizes fluid consumption. So, what is this detox diet? You can find out in this article, what the detox diet is, how it is applied, and much more, where you can get effective results when you apply it with the right steps.


What is a Detox Diet?


A detox diet is a type of diet that helps to lose weight by removing harmful toxins and fat accumulated in the body. Since toxins and harmful fats tire the liver the most, this type of diet can also be called a kind of liver cleansing.


What Does a Detox Diet Do?

Detox diet; first of all, it serves to remove the toxins accumulated in the body from the body. The excretion of toxins through urine, feces, perspiration, and respiration provides vitality and lightness to the body. Thanks to the detox diet, you can get rid of water retention and lose weight.


How is a Detox Diet Applied?

When doing a detox diet, abandoning old eating habits and increasing fluid consumption should be the main goal. So, how can you implement a detox diet?


First of all, you should determine a detox diet program

When you decide to do a detox diet, you can plan the duration of it by taking into account your daily life. If you frequently consume alcohol, cigarettes, and processed foods, you can apply for a longer program. In general, the detox diet is done for 3-21 days.


You can start a detox diet by drinking water


The top of the list in every diet is to drink water often. By drinking plenty of water, you can flush out the water retention and toxins in the body through urine. In addition, since the detox diet focuses on liquid nutrition, drinking plenty of water will make it easier for you to get used to this new order. Consuming plenty of water and fluids accelerates the elimination of toxins as they will also work the kidneys and intestines.


You Can Say Goodbye To Toxins With Herbal Teas

By reducing the caffeine intake, which causes water retention in the body, you can turn to herbal teas that reduce water retention and are rich in antioxidants. When it comes to herbal teas, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly green tea. Green tea is preferred in almost all diets with its antioxidants and water retention-stimulating properties. Moreover, it can meet your daily caffeine needs. In addition to green tea, you can also drink sage, fennel, and rosehip.


Provide Complete Detoxification with Detox Waters

You can take the detoxification process, which starts with water and herbal teas and enlighten with detox waters. Thanks to detox waters, the solid foods you consume are replaced by fruit juices and smoothies. It is possible to obtain more effective results, especially by choosing the juices of antioxidant-rich fruits. However, remember that you should not completely eliminate solid foods and other nutrients from your life.


You Should Avoid Sugary and Salty Foods

Foods containing refined sugar, in particular, disrupt the blood sugar balance and cause fatigue. It also tires the liver as it will cause fat accumulation in the body. Salt causes water retention to accumulate in the body. Therefore, you should stay away from these two whites on a detox diet.


"I Can't Stop Munching on Something." If You Say You Can Consume Raw Vegetables and Fruits

Because the detox diet focuses on liquid, solid foods are eaten minimally. If you feel the need to eat something from time to time, you can consume cucumber, avocado, or carrot. You can also drink vegetable soup that does not contain oil, flour, and salt or eat small portions of fruit that is not high in sugar.


How Should Nutrition Be in the Post-Detox Transition Period?

It is not recommended to quickly switch to a solid diet or old diet after detox. During the transition period, you can try to eat more vegetables and fruits. During this period, you can choose salads, soups, and smoothie drinks that are rich in fruits and vegetables, and suitable for a vegan diet.


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