Things You Need to Know When Getting Started with CrossFit

CrossFit can generally be seen as a lifestyle. A remarkable physical development is aimed at this lifestyle, which is supported by effective exercises and healthy nutrition. However, with CrossFit exercises, you can lose weight and protect your health. With CrossFit, which combines multiple training methods rather than a single workout, you can improve your physical features such as endurance, flexibility, power, speed, explosive strength, work capacity, cardiovascular capacity, coordination, balance, and agility. In this way, you can work out not only a single part of your body but the whole of your body in a balanced way. The most distinctive feature of CrossFit is that it has a different training program every day, also called Work Out of the Day (WOD). Here's what you need to know before you start CrossFit!


Is CrossFit Right for You?

First, let's say that there is no gender and age discrimination to start CrossFit. If you do not have a health problem or injury that will prevent you from doing sports, you can easily do this exercise. If you are bored with the usual gym equipment, cliché gyms and monotonous programs, you can meet CrossFit. However, if you are aiming to develop a certain part of your body rather than your whole body, CrossFit may not be suitable for you. In addition, since this complicated exercise is done in groups, it may not appeal to those who like to exercise alone.


Don't Start CrossFit Without a Trainer

CrossFit can become a dangerous sport when done unconsciously. Since a great deal of power and energy is spent during sports, this force needs to be directed correctly. In particular, training should be started with a cooled body and stretching and warming up movements should be done correctly in the presence of a trainer. Otherwise, injuries and sports injuries may occur. Although doing sports by pushing the limits is the distinguishing feature of CrossFit, it is necessary to do it at the appropriate time and enough. At this point, acting with an expert trainer gains special importance.


Make Sure the Training Program Is Appropriate For Your Level

When starting CrossFit, you may have never exercised before, or you may have a fitness background. The important thing here is to determine a training program suitable for your level. Athletes who are new to CrossFit and those who are advanced in this subject should not be in the same group and should not be included in a similar training program. You can solve this problem with a professional trainer, and you can do CrossFit with a program suitable for your level.


Set Goals and Set Boundaries

Although the goal is to develop the whole body with CrossFit, remember that you need to go step by step. For this reason, set yourself achievable goals when you first meet CrossFit. On the other hand, although it is a tradition to push the limits in CrossFit, you can set your own limits, especially in terms of weight. In this way, you can protect your body health, especially the waist area and keep yourself away from injuries while doing this complicated sport.


Don't Skip the Nutrition

As with almost every type of sport, you need to support the muscles you will gain by doing CrossFit with a proper nutrition program. Particularly, a carbohydrate and protein-based diet half an hour before your high-intensity CrossFit workouts paves the way for your performance to increase. Nonetheless, after training, you can consume protein foods and nourish your muscles.


Master the CrossFit Language and Literature

CrossFit is one of the sports branches with its own idioms and terms. Knowing about the jargon used while doing this sport can help your adaptation process. Some of these terms are:

Work Out of the Day (WOD) - Workout schedule of the day.

1 Rep Maximum (1RM) - Maximum 1 rep

Personal Record (PR) - Personal record

As Many Repetitions as Possible (AMRAP) - Repeating the workout as many times as you can

Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM) - A workout that is done every minute.

Personal Best (PB) - A best personal rank achieved in a given workout.

Long Interval (LI) - Long time interval

Short Interval (SI) - Short time interval

Maximum Effort (ME) - Sets are done using maximum strength.


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