One of the most entertaining stages of wedding preparations is the bridal hammam. This event is held in private hammams before the wedding or in the hammam and sauna sections of the hotels, which is a traditional wedding organization. The bridal hammam, which has become more and more popular in recent years, is often combined with a henna night. So, how does a perfect bridal hammam organization occur?  What should be preferred when shopping for a bridal hammam? What kind of place should be chosen for the bridal hammam? All the information you need to make this an enjoyable event where the bride, her friends, and close family members are participating to relax their bodies and have a lot of fun before the wedding, is here!


Entertainment from the Past: Bridal Hammam

Gelin Hamamı

A bridal hammam is an event that has been among our traditions since the Ottoman period. This traditional activity, which combines the understanding of the hammam, which has a wide place in Turkish culture, with wedding entertainment, finds its counterpart in our modern life as well. With this event, which is held a few days before the wedding, the bride and her immediate surroundings are fully prepared for the wedding by taking comprehensive maintenance. The bride and her immediate surroundings, receive services such as scrubbing, sauna, personal care, and massage.

It also relieves the stress of the wedding with the fun of the hammam.

During the bridal hammam, the participants are accompanied by delicious fruits, foods such as kısır (Taboule-Turkish bulgur wheat salad), sarma (stuffed vine leaves), various drinks, and entertaining music. The bridal hammam, which is attended by the relatives of the bride as well as the women in the groom's family, can also be held with a henna night or a bachelorette concept.


Things to Consider in the Organization of the Bridal Hammam

The first thing to do in the organization of the bridal hammam is to determine the concept and choose the appropriate place. If you are going to combine the bachelorette or henna night with the bridal hammam, you should choose a suitable place accordingly. You can choose a historical hammam in order to reflect the spirit of the bridal hammam greater. In order to get a comprehensive service, you can also try the SPA centers or the services of the hotels in this area. If you prefer hotels, you can take advantage of the advantageous packages offered by the hotels within the scope of the organization. At this point, it is very important to determine your budget. In addition, if you want to hold a bachelorette or henna night together, do not forget to clearly indicate this to the venue authority.

As a bride, you must be adorned and put on your jewelry when you go to the hammam. Therefore, if you wish, you can visit the hairdresser before the hammam. You can keep special hammam products such as peshtemal, towels, soap, and pouches in the bundles. Let's not go without mentioning that according to tradition, these items are usually bought by the male side.

On the day of the bridal hammam, you can start with the food and drinks that you have prepared for the event or that the venue offers you. You can get your fill of fun with the music that starts playing after the event starts. You can give your guests small gifts to make this special day unforgettable. These can be special scented oils, soaps, after-hammam care sets, combs, mirrors, or lavender sachets. If you are going to organize the bridal hammam with a henna night, you can wear bindallı (a garment or covering made of purple velvet embroidered with silver thread) during the organization, but if you are only planning to do a bridal hammam, you do not need to choose a special outfit other than a peshtemal.


What Should Be on the Bridal Hammam Shopping List?

Gelin Hamamı Alışveriş Listesinde Neler Olmalı

There are some products that you should definitely add to your shopping list while preparing for the bridal hammam:


●Non-slip slippers

●Towel or bathrobe

●Bathing suit





●Personal care products

If you are planning to do the bridal hammam with henna night, do not forget to add henna night products to your list. However, if you are only considering a bridal hammam, the groom's side can prepare a Turkish bath set for you that includes the products that are listed above. You can also pay attention to whether these products are included in the packages offered to the guests by the venue you chose.


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